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Terence John Le Main
Sénateu Terry Le Main.jpg
Minister of Housing
In office
Dec 2005 – Jun 2010
Preceded by None
Constituency States Assembly
Majority Unopposed
In office
Nov 2005 – Nov 2008
Constituency Jersey
Personal details
Residence Saint Clement, Jersey

Terry Le Main (born November 1939) is a former Jersey politician.


Terence John Le Main was born in November 1939 in Jersey. He was educated at Hautlieu Grammar School.[1]

Electoral history[edit]

He was first elected to the States of Jersey as Deputy of Saint Helier No. 2 in 1978 (re-elected 1984). He was elected as Senator in 1994 and re-elected in 1990. In the 1996 Senatorial election he was ousted in 7th place with 9,578 votes. He then successfully stood for election is his former Deputorial seat in St Helier No. 2 in 1996, topping the poll with 669 votes, and topped the poll again in 1999 (782 votes) and was re-elected in 2002.[2][3] He stood again as Senator in 2005 and was returned to the Senatorial benches in 4th place with 12,159 votes.[4]

Le Main elected not to stand as Senator in the 2011 Election but again contested the St Helier No. 2 District seeking election as a Deputy. He polled 593 votes, 101 behind Geoff Southern, and failed to gain election.

Ministerial responsibility[edit]

Senator Le Main was the Minister for Housing of Jersey from 2005. The Housing department is responsible for general housing policies, liaising with the housing trusts and administering private and public rent subsidies.[5] He resigned in 2010 over allegations of his relationship with a property developer, Frank Venton.[6] He denied the allegations, and was subsequently cleared, in 2012, by the States of Jersey police due to lack of evidence.[7]

He is also Deputy Chairman of the Overseas Aid Committee.[8]

Political issues[edit]

Leylandii hedges[edit]

Senator Le Main first raised the issue of deliberately planting high hedges in 1999.[9] As of July 2007, this had still to be resolved but a proposition was due for debate in the States.

Social Housing[edit]

In 2003 Senator Le Main called for a review of Social Housing [10] The issue was still being debated in July 2007 at the final sitting of the States before summer recess.



On the basis of comments made regarding the leader of the JDA at the 2005 elections Geoff Southern, Terry Le Main does not enjoy good relations with the Left wing in Jersey.[11]


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