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The Dwight H. Terry Lectureship, also known as the Terry Lectures, was established at Yale University in 1905[1] by a gift from Dwight H. Terry of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Its purpose is to engage both scholars and the public in a consideration of religion from a humanitarian point of view, in the light of modern science and philosophy. The subject matter has historically been similar to that of the Gifford Lectures in Scotland, and several lecturers have participated in both series.

Establishment of the Lectureship[edit]

The 1905 deed of gift establishing the lectureship states:

Although commitment to the gift was made in 1905 it did not mature until 1923, which is when the first Terry lectures were held.

Lecture format[edit]

The lectures are free and open to the public. A single installment generally consists of four lectures by the same visiting scholar, given over the course of a month or less. Many of the lectures have been edited into books published by the Yale University Press, and remain in print to this day (see below) Since 1999, the lectures have been recorded and archived on the Terry Lectures website as audio and/or video streams.

Past Terry Lectureships[edit]