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Terry Snow and his Blue Heeler, Chilli. Snow is holding the book "Canberra Airport: A Pictorial History" (2009) by his wife, Ginette Snow. He is standing beside the model of Brindabella Business Park.

Terry Snow (b. 1943 in Canberra) is an Australian businessman (trained accountant), entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

Business and professional history[edit]

Snow is Executive Chairman of the Capital Airport Group,[1] the company which owns the lease for the land which contains Brindabella Business Park,[2] Defence Establishment Fairbairn and associated Fairbairn Business Park, and the Majura Park shopping precinct. In 2013, Snow was ranked by Forbes as Australia's 39th richest person, with a net worth of $755 million.[3]

Snow has been responsible for a $250 million development of a new terminal for Canberra Airport as well as the development of Brindabella Business Park. Snow's attempt to develop land around the Canberra Airport has been described by Patrick Troy as controversial. Specific criticisms include that it removes jobs from Civic, diminishes Canberra's town centre, and causes unnecessary congestion on roads originally designed exclusively for airport traffic.[4]

Snow established the Snow Foundation in 1990 along with his brother, George. Now valued at over A$10 million, it donates to regional charities and organisations helping needy people.[5][6]

In 2005 he published the "Living City" proposal for the redevelopment of Canberra.[7][8] This caused some controversy, especially after the proposal's rebuff by the ACT Government and combined with his provocative assertion that Canberra is a "dead-set boring" city that had been "going backwards since self-government".[9]

The Snow family is a strong supporter of, and has provided in-kind contributors to, the Marriage Equality lobby group Australians for Equality.[10][11] Terry Snow's son Tom[12][13] is the executive Co-Chair, with Tiernan Brady as the Director of Australians for Equality.[11]

Snow holds a commercial pilot license for fixed wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft and has a command instrument rating.[14]


Terry is married to Ginette, and they have four children: Georgina, Stephen, Tom, Scarlet.[6]

Snow's son, Stephen Byron,[1][15] is Managing Director of Canberra Airport Group.

Snow is often seen with his blue heeler dog, Chilli, which attends meetings with him at his airport offices.

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