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Terry Stone (born 13 January 1971) is a British actor, film producer and author. Before a career in film, Stone was a rave promoter,[1] and is the founder of One Nation, Garage Nation, and Rave Nation.[2]


Stone was born in Brixton, London, and grew up in Putney, Kingston, and Camberley. As a child, his admiration for Don King led him to want to pursue a career into boxing.[3] After visiting Sterns Nightclub in Worthing in the early 1990s, he first became involved in 'flyering' (distribution of flyers) for the rave scene before being asked to become involved in a club in Aldershot. From there, he became known as Terry Turbo and founded the jungle and drum and bass One Nation raves, followed by the UK garage Garage Nation events and finally Rave Nation.[4] His 2006 book "King of Clubs" recalls those days.

Stone began his acting career in 2003, appearing in Hell to Pay. He has also appeared in British television series such as EastEnders, The Bill, and My Family.[5] However, he is most notable for his role as Tony Tucker, in the 2007 film Rise of the Footsoldier.

Stone is now involved in a cryptocurrency project called Filmcoin.[6]

Stone currently resides in Windsor with his family.



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