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Terry Wilson
Birth nameRobert Terry Wilson
BornWarren, Arkansas
OriginDeer Park, Texas
GenresRock, blues, country
Occupation(s)Musician, producer, composer
Instrumentsbass guitar
Associated actsEric Burdon

Terry Wilson is an American bass player, record producer and composer.


In the early 1970s he started as a professional musician, playing bass for bands/artists like Blackwell, Bloontz, John Martyn amongst others. In 1975, he became a member of the rock band Back Street Crawler. Around this time he also worked with Johnny Nash, John Bundrick, Speedy Keen, Paul Travis, Shusha, Sue Glover, Paul Kossoff, Eddie Quansah, No Slack, Mark Ashton, Geoff Whitehorn and others.

In 1981–1982 he played bass for Eric Burdon on the album Comeback and on live shows, as well as the Rockpalast concert. He's also credited on many later released compilations of Burdon and as the composer of The Animals's 1983 reggae/rock-single Love is for all Time (which is recently performed on the live shows of his wife Teresa James).

Throughout the 80s and the 90s he worked with Gary Dayton Hill, Johnny Nash, Darling Cruel, Kimm Rogers, Alejandro Escovedo, Stephen Bruton, Little Whisper, Maria Maldaur, Storyville, Tamara Champlin, Bill Champlin, Juice Newton, Mark Sebastian, Big Trouble and others.

In the new millennium he also worked/toured/wrote for – or is credited on records by – Gary Dayton Hill, Kathy Mattea, Chuck E. Weiss, Jack's Mannequin, Ana Popovic, Dallas Hodge, JD & the Straight Shot, his wife Teresa James and Eric Burdon for which he's a permanent band member since 2009.[1]

In 1980, he had a small role in the movie UFOria, starring Fred Ward and Harry Dean Stanton.


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  • Blaze Foley "If I Could Only Fly" (producer, Zephyr Records 1979)
  • David Lynn Jones (producer, Zephyr Records 1980)
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  • Alejandro Escovedo "Gravity" (1993)
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  • Storyville "Bluest Eyes" (1994)
  • Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps "Live" (2002)
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  • Teresa James "The Rhythm Method" (Jesi-Lu Records 2006)
  • Teresa James "The Bottom Line" (New Light Ent. Records 2007)
  • Teresa James "By Request" (Jesi-Lu Records 2009)
  • Jodie Siegal "Stepping Stone" (2007 Produced)
  • Cynthia Jones "West Coast Highlights" (Produced 2006)
  • Danny Everitt "Cold Wind, Cold Rain" (Produced 2006)
  • Eric Burdon "My Secret Life" (2004)
  • Eric Burdon "Soul of a Man" (2006)
  • Dallas Hodge "I Need A Vacation" (2007)
  • Ana Popavic "Still Making History" (Delta Groove Records 2007)
  • Eric Burdon "Til' Your River Runs Dry" (2013)


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