Terry of the Times

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Terry of the Times
Directed by Henry MacRae
Written by Hal Hodes
Starring Reed Howes
Lotus Thompson
Sheldon Lewis
John Oscar
William T. Hayes
Mary Grant
Norman Thomson
Kingsley Benedict
Music by Sam Perry
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • July 17, 1930 (1930-07-17)
Running time
10 chapters (200 min)
Country United States
Language English

Terry of the Times is a 1930 Universal film serial. It was the 73rd of the 137 serials released by the studio and the 5th to include sound elements. The serial was the last of Universal's part-sound serials, mostly silent productions with occasional recorded sound sequences. In this case, the serial had pre-recorded music and sound effects but no audible dialogue. The next serial released by the studio, The Indians are Coming, was an all-sound production. Terry of the Times is considered to be a lost film.[1]


Terry (Reed Howes) must marry before a certain date in order to inherit the New York Times. Working against him are his uncle Macy (Sheldon Lewis) and mysterious villains The Mystic Mendicants.


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. The Mystic Mendicants
  2. The Fatal 30!
  3. Death's Highway
  4. Eyes of Evil
  5. Prowlers of the Night
  6. The Stolen Bride
  7. A Doorway of Death
  8. A Trail of Treachery
  9. Caught in the Net
  10. A Race for Love


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