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A neigborhood in Teshie
A neigborhood in Teshie
Teshie is located in Ghana
Location in Ghana
Coordinates: 5°35′N 0°06′W / 5.583°N 0.100°W / 5.583; -0.100
CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionGreater Accra Region
DistrictLedzokuku-Krowor Municipal District
 • Total171,875[1]
 Ranked 9th in Ghana
Time zoneGMT
 • Summer (DST)GMT

Teshie is a coastal town in the Ledzokuku Municipal District, a district in the Greater Accra Region[2][3][4] of southeastern Ghana.[5] Teshie is the ninth most populous settlement in Ghana, with a population of 171,875 people.[1]


Teshie is in the Ledzokuku constituency led by Hon. Ben Ayiku, a member of the National Democratic Congress,[6] who succeeded Hon. Dr Bernard Okoe Boye of the New Patriotic Party.[7]


The ruines of Fort Augustaborg in Teshie around 1890

Teshie is one of the independent towns of the Ga State, every August, the town celebrates the Homowo festival.[8][9] It is believed that the original Teshie people came from La, a town that lies to the west of Teshie.

Fort Augustaborg, built by the Danes in 1787, is located in Teshie and was occupied by the British from 1850 to 1957. It is believed that Teshie is 300 years old as of 2011.[9]

The town is rich in diversity as a result of the country's current democracy and development program.

Teshie stretches from the Kpeshie Lagoon to Teshie-Nungua Estates (first junction) from East to West on the Teshie Road. Teshie has grown enormously to become one of the biggest towns in Ghana.

Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop[edit]

The town of Teshie is also known as the home of design coffins, invented in the 1950s by Seth Kane Kwei[10] and still made in the Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop (run by Eric Adjetey Anang) and by several other artists.[11]

Labadi Beach[edit]

The Labadi Beach, or more properly known as La Pleasure Beach, is near Teshie. The beach is the busiest beach on Ghana's coast. It is one of Greater Accra Region's few beaches and is maintained by the local hotels.




  • Presbyterian Senior High School, Teshie[16]
  • Teshie Technical Training Centre[17]


  • Teshie LEKMA Schools
  • Teshie Dar-es-Salaam Primary 'A' School
  • Wajir Barracks Schools
  • Trinity Junior High School
  • Teshie Dar-es-Salaam Schools
  • Teshie Anglican Schools
  • Field Engineer Schools
  • Teshie Methodist Basic Schools
  • Teshie Roman Catholic School,
  • Royal Calvary School
  • Teshie Presbyterian Schools.[18]
  • Lincoln International School
  • Sap's School
  • Ford School
  • Unique Child School

There are also a number of privately run schools, notable among them are God's Way Preparatory School, Teshie St. John Schools, Sunrise Preparatory & JHS, Nanna Mission Academy, Ford Schools Ltd[19]



Cycling competition in Teshie during Homowo Festival 2009

The widening of the dual carriage way from OTU Barracks to First Junction was in the late 1970s.[20]


Teshie is served by a station of the eastern section of the national railway system.



  • 2013 Master of Coffins – 26 minutes documentary about artist Eric Adjetey Anang, by Luis Nachbin / Matrioska Films for GloboTV (Brasil)
  • 2008 The Buried Treasures of the Ga: Coffin Art in Ghana. Regula Tschumi. Benteli, Bern. ISBN 978-3-7165-1520-4

International exhibitions[edit]


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Coordinates: 5°35′N 0°06′W / 5.583°N 0.100°W / 5.583; -0.100