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Tesla – Gold.jpg
Greatest hits album by Tesla
Released 2008
Recorded 1986-2007
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock
Label Geffen
Tesla chronology
Real to Reel, Vol. 2
(2007)Real to Reel, Vol. 22007
Forever More
(2008)Forever More2008

Gold is a compilation album by the American hard rock band Tesla, released in 2008. It is a remastered 2 disc greatest hits album featuring songs from studio albums (through Into the Now), live albums, b-sides and unreleased material.

Track listing[edit]

Disc One
No. Title Writer(s) Original Release (date) Length
1. "Cumin' Atcha Live" Jeff Keith, Frank Hannon, Brian Wheat Mechanical Resonance, 1986 4:29
2. "Ez Come Ez Go" Keith, Tommy Skeoch, Hannon, Wheat, Troy Luccketta Mechanical Resonance 3:32
3. "Modern Day Cowboy" Keith, Hannon, Skeoch Mechanical Resonance 5:19
4. "Gettin' Better" Keith, Hannon Mechanical Resonance 3:22
5. "Rock Me To The Top" Keith, Skeoch Mechanical Resonance 3:39
6. "Little Suzi" James Diamond, Anthony Hymas Mechanical Resonance 4:58
7. "Hang Tough" Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Wheat The Great Radio Controversy, 1989 4:23
8. "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)" Keith, Skeoch The Great Radio Controversy 4:46
9. "Lazy Days, Crazy Nights" Keith, Skeoch The Great Radio Controversy 4:26
10. "The Way It Is" Keith, Luccketta, Skeoch, Hannon The Great Radio Controversy 5:08
11. "Love Song" Keith, Skeoch The Great Radio Controversy 5:24
12. "Love In Vain" Robert Johnson Previously unreleased 5:15
13. "I Ain't Superstitious" Willie Dixon B-side of "Love Song", 1989 3:08
14. "Rock The Nation" Ronnie Montrose B-side of "Edison's Medicine", 1991 3:29
15. "Signs" (Live) Les Emmerson Five Man Acoustical Jam, 1990 3:16
16. "Paradise" (Live) Keith, Wheat, Hannon Five Man Acoustical Jam 5:08
17. "Children's Heritage" Jim Rutledge, Lee Pickens, Ed Grundy, Nick Taylor, Steve Hill, Rick Cob B-side of "Call It What You Want", 1991 3:27
18. "Cotton Fields" Huddie Ledbetter B-side of "What You Give", 1991 4:47
Disc Two
No. Title Writer(s) Original Release (date) Length
1. "Edison's Medicine" Keith, Michael Barbiero, Hannon, Skeoch, Wheat Psychotic Supper, 1991 4:48
2. "Call It What You Want" Keith, Barbiero, Wheat Psychotic Supper 4:31
3. "Song & Emotion" Keith, Barbiero, Hannon, Skeoch Psychotic Supper 8:30
4. "What You Give" Keith, Hannon Psychotic Supper 7:15
5. "Mama's Fool" Keith, Hannon Bust a Nut, 1994 6:12
6. "Try So Hard" Keith, Wheat Bust a Nut 5:44
7. "A Lot to Lose" Keith, Hannon, Wheat Bust a Nut 5:11
8. "The Ocean" John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant Japanese release of Bust a Nut 4:53
9. "Last Action Hero" Keith, Hannon, Skeoch, Wheat Last Action Hero soundtrack, 1993 5:46
10. "Steppin' Over" Keith, Hannon, Wheat, Luccketta Time's Makin' Changes, 1995 4:22
11. "Into The Now" Keith, Luccketta, Hannon Into the Now, 2004 4:26
12. "Heaven Nine Eleven" Hannon Into the Now 4:40
13. "Caught In A Dream" Keith, Hannon Into the Now 4:51
14. "Thank You" Page, Plant Real to Reel, 2007 4:46

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