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Tesla Grohmann Automation GmbH
Grohmann Engineering GmbH (1963–2017)
Founded1963; 57 years ago (1963)
FounderKlaus Grohmann
Key people
  • Lothar Thommes[1]
  • Michael Meens[1]
  • Stephan Werkman[1]
  • Susan Repo[1]
  • Marc Cerda[1]
Number of employees
800 (2017)
ParentTesla, Inc. (2017–present)

Tesla Grohmann Automation GmbH (formerly Grohmann Engineering GmbH) is a German engineering company based in Prüm in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The company operates a development center in Neutraubling, as well as support offices in Chandler, Arizona, and Shanghai.[2] The company was founded in 1963 (official website states 1983) by Klaus Grohman and acquired by Tesla, Inc. in January 2017. Grohmann was ousted after clashing with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, after he acquired the company.[3]

The product portfolio includes machinery for the production of microprocessors and memory chips, airbag sensors and power steering controllers, as well as systems for the production of door and roof seals, lithium-ion battery cells and modules. Among other things, the company manufactures robotics that are used in the battery and electronics production for Tesla, Inc. at its Gigafactory 1.

The firm works closely with universities within dual track studies of Mechanical Engineering and Robotic Process Automation.[4] In addition, it provides training in the field of Technical Product Design, Industrial Mechanics, CNC Operation, Construction Technology, IT, Mechatronics and Industrial Electronic Technology.[5]


Grohmann Engineering was founded by Klaus Grohmann in 1963.[6] In November 2016, the company's stakeholders (including the Deutsche Beteiligungs AG [de], which owned 25%) agreed to sell the company to American automotive company Tesla Motors.[6] The company had 700 employees at the time.[6] The deal was completed on 3 January 2017, at which point the company employed 800 people.[7]

In April 2017, founder Klaus Grohmann left the company due to a dispute with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk demanded the company halt production for competitors, such as BMW and Daimler AG, to focus on the Model 3.[8]

By discontinuing business relations with all customers except Tesla, the company's union was concerned with wage levels and with jobs in the long term if electric cars did not have the expected success.[9] Tesla then offered Grohmann employees 150 euros a month[clarification needed] and employee stock options worth $10,000 with a payout over the following four years, as well as a cash payment of 1000 euros.[clarification needed] Tesla did not comment on the required collective agreement.[10] In October 2017, the company agreed with union representatives on a competitive pay structure. According to the chairman of the works council, the future remuneration was at the level of the collective agreement valid for the industry.[11]


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