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Tessera Technologies, Inc.[1]
Industry Semiconductor packaging
Founded 1990 (1990)
Headquarters San Jose, California, United States of America
Area served
Revenue US$273.3 million (FY 2015)
US$162.2 million (FY 2015)
US$117 million
Number of employees
264 (December 31, 2015)
Website www.tessera.com

Founded in 1990 Tessera Technologies, Inc. is a San Jose, California-based technology that innovates and licenses technology and intellectual property to customers and others who implement it for use in areas such as mobile computing and communications, memory and data storage, and 3-D Integrated Circuit (“3DIC”) technologies, among others. Technologies include semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions, and products and solutions for mobile and computational imaging. Tessera has licensed its chip packaging technology to numerous semiconductor manufacturers, including Intel and Samsung Electronics.[2]

As the company has grown and evolved, it expanded business through the acquisition of FotoNation, which specializes in image and video enhancement and analysis; and the formation of Invensas, an innovator in next-generation semiconductor and packaging technologies.


Tessera was founded in 1990.

Some company milestones are listed below:


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