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TESSY is a software tool to automate module-unit testing of embedded software written in various embedded dialects of the programming languages C and C++.[1] TESSY can be used to get the certification for product according to standards like IEC 61508, EN 50128/50129, DO-178B, ISO/IEC 15504 (Automotive SPICE), or the General Principles of Software Validation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

TESSY is developed by Razorcat Development. The international sales partner is Hitex Development Tools. Tessy has 3 major tabs in it. They are: (1) Workspace tab (2)Test Interface Editor(TIE) and (3) Test Data Editor(TDE). (1)Workspace tab include .c or .cpp files (path configuration is done here). Check Source (checks for compilation), Analyzer (analyses file (.c or .cpp) and opens constituent of that particular file (Global variables and Functions)). (2) Test Interface Editor(TIE): Here we can decide the status of all the global variables. (3) Test Data Editor(TDE):Here we feed the conditions or values for the framework decided in TIE.

Key features[edit]


TESSY automatically executes tests, evaluates the test results, and generates the test reports. This makes TESSY suitable for regression testing. TESSY includes the Classification Tree Editor CTE, a tool to support the Classification Tree Method for Test Case Specification. TESSY supports test documentation in various formats, e.g., HTML, Word, Excel.


Both TESSY and the CTE originate from the former software technology laboratory of Daimler-Benz in Berlin, Germany.[2]

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