Test Drive 6

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Test Drive 6
Test Drive 6.jpg
Developer(s) Pitbull Syndicate
Series Test Drive Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s) PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast
Release PlayStation
Game Boy Color
Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Test Drive 6 is a racing video game developed by Pitbull Syndicate for the PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Microsoft Windows and Dreamcast.[1] It is the sixth entry in the Test Drive series.


Review score

There was poor critical response to the game. The Official PlayStation Magazine said it was not as good as its predecessor, and that players would be better off looking at Gran Turismo 2. Of particular concern were the blocky graphics, which failed to impress. IGN.com gave many different opinions to each of the game's system releases. First, for the PS version, they stated, "After six tries, they still haven't gotten it right." PS version scored 6.5 (okay).[3] The PC version received the same score, but IGN said, "It's not the best racer in town, but Test Drive 6 still has a few redeeming qualities.".[4] IGN weren't too kind with the Dreamcast version, proclaiming, "Infogrames struts their stuff, showing us that they have what it takes to slaughter an innocent game." The Dreamcast scored the lowest with a dismal 3.4 (Awful).[5] Finally, the GBC version got a lackluster review from IGN, in which they said, "Cruising along city streets in real cars should be more fun than this Game Boy racing title." GBC version scored a 5.0 (Mediocre).[6]


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