Test Drive Off-Road

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Test Drive Off-Road
Test Drive Off-Road.jpg
Developer(s) Elite Systems
Series Test Drive
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
Release Microsoft Windows
  • NA: February, 1997
  • NA: February 28, 1997
  • EU: July 1997
  • JP: July 31, 1997
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Test Drive Off-Road (Known as Gekitotsu! Yonku Battle in Japan) is a racing game in 1997. It is the first entry in the Test Drive Off-Road series of video games.


No. Title Artist Length
1. "Blame" Gravity Kills 4:37
2. "Enough" Gravity Kills 4:19
3. "Guilty" Gravity Kills 4:04
4. "Blame (Instrumental)" Gravity Kills 4:42
5. "Enough (Instrumental)" Gravity Kills 4:13
6. "Guilty (Instrumental)" Gravity Kills 4:13
7. "Out to Lunch (WCW Thunder Theme (Energized)/Thunder)" Steve Everitt 2:02
8. "Metalhead" Steve Everitt 1:41
9. "High and Rising" Steve Everitt 2:23
10. "Full On" Steve Everitt 2:02
11. "Teutonic Techno" Steve Everitt 2:06
12. "Manic" Murray Munro 2:38


GameSpot said for the PlayStation version, "Test Drive: Off Road is an acceptable entry in the suddenly crowded field of off-road racing games." GameSpot also rated the game 6.0 (fair). GameSpot said for the PC version, "Test Drive: Off Road is pure arcade action." GameSpot also rated the game 6.3 (fair).[1]


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