The Test of Honor

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The Test of Honor
The Test of Honor - 1919 - lanternslide.jpg
Lantern slide for The Test of Honor
Directed by John S. Robertson
Produced by Adolph Zukor
Jesse L. Lasky
Written by Eve Unsell (scenario)
Based on E. Phillips Oppenheim (novel The Malefactor, c.1906)
Starring John Barrymore
Constance Binney
Cinematography Jacques Monteran - (French Wikipedia)
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
April 6, 1919
Running time
Five reels at 4,684 feet
(50+ minutes)
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The Test of Honor (1919) is an American silent film drama produced by Famous Players-Lasky, released by Paramount, directed by John S. Robertson, and starring John Barrymore. Considered the actor's first drama movie role after years of doing film comedies and farces. It is based on author E. Phillips Oppenheim 1906 novel The Malefactor.[1]

The film was made at Famous Players' East Coast facility and released prior to Robertson and Barrymore's famous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920).

John Barrymore at the time of the production of The Test of Honor. From a trade publication.


Martin Wingrave(Barrymore) is arrested and sent to prison for seven years for a crime he didn't commit. While incarcerated he learns that his girlfriend and her male accomplice framed him for the crime. When Wingrave is released he plots revenge against his former girl and her man(Manon, Schable). However he begins a romance with his neighbor, a young woman(Binney) who truly loves him and warms his heart.


Preservation status[edit]

The Test of Honor is now considered a lost film.[2][3][4]

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