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The Test of Metal is a 67-kilometre cross-country mountain bike race held annually in and around Squamish, British Columbia. The demanding course, with over 1,200 metres of climbing and 35 kilometres of singletrack, takes just under three hours for the fastest riders and between four and five hours for the majority of competitors. The number of entries allowed is limited (in 2006 to 800). The race is part of the Test of Metal Mountain Bike Festival, a weekend of mountain biking, trials, and related events.

Past Winners
Year Top Male Top Female
1995 Carter Hovey Sally Carmichael
1996 Michael Pruner Erin McGann
1997 Geoff Kabush Linda Robichaud
1998 Chad Miles Kiara Bisaro
1999 Chad Miles Kiara Bisaro
2000 Ruedi Shnyder Sandra Walter
2001 Carter Hovey Eron Chorney
2002 Andrew Kyle Lesley Tomlinson
2003 Carter Hovey Sarah Noble
2004 Ricky Federau Alison Sydor
2005 Neal Kindree Meghan Kindree
2006 Neal Kindree Catharine Pendrel
2007 Neal Kindree Catharine Pendrel
2008 Max Plaxton Wendy Simms
2009 Max Plaxton tbd

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