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Testudo (which meant "tortoise" in classical Latin) may refer to:

  • Battering ram, an armored siege engine with metal plating on the top to protect from missiles fired from above
  • Chevrolet Testudo, a concept car designed and built by Bertone on a Chevrolet Corvair unibody chassis
  • Steel Testudo or the Nationalist-Socialist Party of Romania, 1930s political party
  • Testudo (mascot), the mascot of University of Maryland, College Park
  • Testudo (turtle), a genus of tortoises
  • Testudo formation, a Roman military tactic where a formation of soldiers used their shields to form a tortoise-shell-like protective cover against incoming missiles
  • Testudo, the Latin variant of the Greek chelys harp, involving a sound-box made from a tortoise shell
  • Testudo, an obsolete constellation now in the constellation of Pisces

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