Teta Lando

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Teta Lando
Born (1948-06-02)June 2, 1948
Mbanza Congo, Zaire Province, Angola
Died July 14, 2008(2008-07-14) (aged 60)
Paris, France
Genres World
Instruments Viola

Alberto Teta Lando (June 2, 1948[1] – July 14, 2008) was an Angolan musician.

He was born in Mbanza Congo, the capital city of Zaire Province in the north of the country, and is Bakongo. He is not well known outside Portuguese-speaking African countries and Portugal itself.

His music focused on Angolan identity, the country's civil war, the saudades (nostalgia, melancholy and longing) of Angolan exiles, as well as young love and family. He spoke and sung in both the Portuguese and Kikongo languages. Among his most well known songs were "Irmao ama teu irmao" ("Brother, Love Your Brother") and "Eu vou voltar" ("I Will Return").

During the last several years of his life, he managed to re-unite a group of many Angolan musicians. [2]

He died in Paris, France, after battling cancer.


  • Memórias 1968-1990 (Teta Lando Produções, Luanda, Angola)