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A tetanic contraction (also called tetanized state, tetanus, or physiologic tetanus, the latter to differentiate from the disease called tetanus) is a sustained muscle contraction[1] evoked when the motor nerve that innervates a skeletal muscle emits action potentials at a very high rate.[2][3] During this state, a motor unit has been maximally stimulated by its motor neuron and remains that way for some time. This occurs when a muscle's motor unit is stimulated by multiple impulses at a sufficiently high frequency. Each stimulus causes a twitch. If stimuli are delivered slowly enough, the tension in the muscle will relax between successive twitches. If stimuli are delivered at high frequency, the twitches will overlap, resulting in tetanic contraction. When tetanized, the contracting tension in the muscle remains constant in a steady state. This is the maximal possible contraction.[2] During tetanic contractions, muscles can shorten, lengthen or remain constant length.[4]

Muscles may exhibit some level of tetanic activity, leading to muscle tone, in order to maintain posture.[5]

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