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Tetragon Financial Group Limited (“TFG”) is a closed-ended investment company which is traded on the NYSE Euronext exchange in Amsterdam. The firm’s strategy is to provide stable returns to its investors through a wide range of credit, equity, interest rate and real estate cycles. TFG has two main business divisions: an asset management platform and an investment portfolio.[1] TFG’s hedge funds are members of the AIMA, the IMA and the Hedge Fund Standards Board.[2] TFG was founded on June 23, 2005.[3]


Tetragon Financial Group was founded in 2005.[3] It is registered in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey in the Channel Islands and headquartered in the United Kingdom.[1] In 2007, TFG went public with an IPO, selling at $10/share, as an Amsterdam-listed closed-end investment company on Euronext.[4] In 2010, Tetragon acquired Lyon Capital Management LLC (“LCM”)[5] and established a joint venture with John Carrafiell, Sonny Kalsi and Fred Schmidt of GreenOak Real Estate.[6] In October 2012, TFG purchased Polygon Management[7] (“Polygon”). In 2013, Polygon was listed as one of the 50 largest hedge fund managers in Europe by The Hedge Fund Journal.[8]


Paddy Dear (CEO) and Reade Griffith (CIO) are both directors of Tetragon Financial Group.[9][10] Mike Humphries joined in 2009 as the CIO of the Polygon Convertible Opportunity Fund.[11]

Business Model[edit]

TFG has an investment portfolio with a NAV of $1.8 billion.[12] TFG Asset Management consists of three main investment managers: the Polygon group of hedge funds $1.4 billion; LCM, a $4.9 billion CLO manager; and GreenOak, a real estate investment firm managing $4.1 billion.[13]


Jan 23, 2014 2013 EuroHedge Award Winner- Convertible & Volatility category[16]
Jan 26, 2012 2011 EuroHedge Award Winner – Convertible, Volatility and Event Driven category[17]
May 6, 2011 2011 HFMWeek Award Winner - Newcomer - Equity category[18]
Jan 27, 2011 2010 EuroHedge Award winner, New Fund of the Year – Equity Strategies category[19]

Corporate Responsibility[edit]

TFG is the largest contributor to BACIT, a UK investment vehicle that gives 1 percent of its NAV annually to charity; 50 percent to the Institute of Cancer Research and 50 percent to the BACIT Foundation.[20]

Legal Action[edit]

In July 2011, Daniel Silverstein, a shareholder of TFG, sued the firm. The suit was later dismissed in February, 2012.[21] In June 2013, Omega Overseas Partners filed a lawsuit against the firm.[22] On August 7, 2014, in an opinion by Judge Richard J. Sullivan, the Court dismissed the Action in its entirety.[23]

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