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Tetragon Financial Group
Euronext AmsterdamTFG
IndustryFinancial services
FoundedJune 23, 2005; 17 years ago (June 23, 2005)
FounderPaddy Dear
Reade Griffith
AUM$37.5 billion (Q2 2022)

Tetragon Financial Group Limited ("TFG") is a closed-ended investment company which is traded on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam and on the Specialist Fund Segment of the main market of the London Stock Exchange.[1] The firm's strategy is to provide stable returns to its investors through a wide range of credit, equity, interest rate and real estate cycles.[2] Tetragon invests in a broad range of assets, including public and private equities and credit (including distressed securities and structured credit), convertible bonds, real estate, venture capital, infrastructure, bank loans and TFG Asset Management, a diversified alternative asset management business.[3] The company's investment manager is Tetragon Financial Management LP ("TFM").[2][4] TFG's Polygon business is a member of SBAI (the "Standard Board for Alternative Investments"), and AIMA ("Alternative Investment Management Association").[5] TFG was founded on June 23, 2005.[6][7][8]


Tetragon Financial Group was founded in 2005.[6] It is registered in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey in the Channel Islands and headquartered in the United Kingdom.[9] In 2007, TFG went public with an IPO, selling at $10/share, as an Amsterdam-listed closed-end investment company on Euronext.[10] In 2010, Tetragon acquired Lyon Capital Management LLC (“LCM”)[11] and established a joint venture with John Carrafiell, Sonny Kalsi and Fred Schmidt of GreenOak Real Estate.[12] In October 2012, TFG purchased Polygon Management[13] (“Polygon”). In 2013, Polygon was listed as one of the 50 largest hedge fund managers in Europe by The Hedge Fund Journal.[14] In 2014, Tetragon acquired Equitix,[15] an investor, developer and long-term fund manager of infrastructure and energy-efficiency assets in the UK. Equitix has raised £4.7 billion of equity, including managed accounts.[16] In 2015, Tetragon established Tetragon Credit Partners; an asset manager.[17] Also in 2015, Hawke's Point, an asset management company focused on the mining and resource sectors, was formed under the TFG Asset Management umbrella.[18] In 2019, the GreenOak real estate joint venture was merged with Bentall Kennedy to create a $47 billion global real estate platform called BentallGreenOak; Tetragon remains an investor in the business.[19]


Tetragon's investment manager is Tetragon Financial Management (TFM). TFM's investment committee includes Reade Griffith, Paddy Dear and Stephen Prince, the head of TFG Management.[20]

Business Model[edit]

TFG has an investment portfolio with a NAV of $1.8 billion.[21] TFG Asset Management consists of three main investment managers: the Polygon Global Partners $1.4 billion; LCM, a $4.9 billion CLO manager; and GreenOak, a real estate investment firm managing $4.1 billion.[22]


Year Award Category Source
2019 EuroHedge Event Driven [23]
2017 EuroHedge Convertible & Volatility [24]
2016 Alt Credit Intelligence European Performance Convertibles [25]
2016 Alt Credit Intelligence European Performance Firm of the Year (Polygon) [25]
2016 EuroHedge Convertible & Volatility [26]
2015 HFMWeek Relative Value [27]
2014 EuroHedge Convertible & Volatility [28]

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy[edit]

The investment manager of Tetragon is TFM, which is responsible for Tetragon's ESG policy. Tetragon takes into consideration ESG information when considering investments along with other economic and financial data.[29]

Legal Action[edit]

In July 2011, Daniel Silverstein, a shareholder of TFG, sued the firm. The suit was later dismissed in February, 2012.[30] In June 2013, Omega Overseas Partners filed a lawsuit against the firm. On August 7, 2014, in an opinion by Judge Richard J. Sullivan, the Court dismissed the Action in its entirety.[31]

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