Tetsujin 28: The Movie

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Tetsujin 28: The Movie
Directed byShin Togashi
Based onTetsujin 28-go
Distributed byShochiku, Geneon Universal Entertainment
Release date
  • March 19, 2005 (2005-03-19)
Running time
119 minutes

Tetsujin 28: The Movie (鉄人28号) is a 2005 Japanese live-action film based on the 1956 manga Tetsujin 28-go by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. Directed by Shin Togashi, it was the first original film based on the series, as well as the first to be released theatrically.


Shotaro Kaneda is a young boy living in Tokyo with his widowed mother, Yoko. He is haunted by the death of his scientist father, Dr. Shoichiro Kaneda, and is frequently bullied at school. One day, a giant robot called Black Ox wreaks havoc on the city. Shotaro receives a phone call from his fathers former assistant, who informs Shotaro that he is destined to save the world. He guides Shotaro to the location of Tetsujin 28, a giant robot developed by the Japanese during World War II and hidden away by Dr. Kaneda for Shotaro to find. With the help of Chief Otsuka and classmate Mami Tachibana, Shotaro learns to control Tetsujin and does battle with the villainous Dr. Reiji Takumi and Black Ox.



Tetsujin 28-go was originally adapted into a live action television drama in 1960, and later as an anime in 1963. Despite the popularity of the property, the series had not spawned any theatrical films.

Unlike the original manga and previous adaptations, the film is set in modern-day while still based on the original story, with emphasis placed on Shotaro Kaneda's coming-of-age subplot. The mecha were rendered entirely with CGI. Open auditions were held for the roles of Shotaro and Mami. Sousuke Ikematsu and Yu Aoi were each selected from among 10,000 applicants.


The film garnered lukewarm reviews from critics.[1]


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