Tetsuo Harano Tunnels

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Tetsuo Harano Tunnels
Koolau Range 03.JPG
Aerial view of the tunnel's eastern entrance. The smaller Hospital Rock Tunnels can be seen in the foreground, to the left.
Location near Kaneohe, Hawaii
Coordinates 21°24′12″N 157°50′07″W / 21.4033°N 157.8352°W / 21.4033; -157.8352Coordinates: 21°24′12″N 157°50′07″W / 21.4033°N 157.8352°W / 21.4033; -157.8352
Route H-3
Length 4,980 feet (1,520 m) Kaneohe bound
5,165 feet (1,574 m) Halawa bound
No. of lanes 4

The Tetsuo Harano Tunnels are a pair of highway tunnels passing through the Ko‘olau Range on the island of O‘ahu. The tunnels are located on Interstate H-3, which connects Kaneohe with Interstate H-1 at Hālawa near Pearl Harbor, and are 4,980 feet (1,520 m) long Kaneohe-bound and 5,165 feet (1,574 m) long Halawa-bound.

The tunnels are named for Tetsuo Harano, a former state highways administrator who served the state for 52 years. The tunnels were briefly renamed for the former Governor of Hawaii John A. Burns but restored to the original name by Governor Linda Lingle after she took office.[1]

Also nearby are the smaller Hospital Rock Tunnels.


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