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Tetsuo Takashima (高嶋 哲夫 Takashima Tetsuo, born July 7, 1949) is a popular contemporary Japanese author active in a number of genres that include science fiction, mystery fiction, historical fiction, social commentary, and juvenile fiction.


The title of the article was : Drive characteristics of a fast movable limiter in the JT-60 tokamak T.Takashima, M.Ohta, and M.Shimizu Division of Large Tokamak Development, Tokai Establishment, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Tokai-Mura, Naka-Gun, Ibaraki-Ken, Japan. (received 26 August 1977; in final form, 17 October 1977) A Pair of fast-acting movable limiters are to be installed in the vacuum chamber of the JT-60 tokamak being designed at JAERI.Their purpose is to suppress skin current in the plasma column. They should traval across are vacuum chamnber over a stroke of about 1 m in 0.1 s during the built-up phase of the plasma current. Each movable limiter system consists of the drive system, a vacuum seal, a bearing usable at hgh temperature in a vacuum, and a molybdenum rail limiter head. For the drive a hydraulic mechanism is used with servovalves to control the oil flow. To develop satisfactory movable limiters for JT-60, the full-scale model was constructed and tested. Overall tets with the model showed high reliability, reproducibility, controllability, and safety of the movable limiter. The drive pattern measured is in good agreement with that simulated. The movable limiters should prevent the skin effect of plasma current in the current rising phase and also provide information on particle diffusion during the flat-top phase of plasma current.

Works in English translation[edit]

  • Fallout (original title: Merutodaun [Meltdown]), Vertical, 2013
  • Megaquake: How Japan and the World Should Respond (original title: Kyodai Jishin No Hi [A day of Huge Earthquake]), Potomac Books, 2015


  • 1979 - Atomic Energy Society of Japan Technical Prize
  • 1990 - North Japan Literary Prize: Homecoming (帰国, Kikoku)
  • 1994 - Shosetsu Gendai Mystery Newcomer Award: Fallout
  • 1999 - Suntory Mystery Award, Grand-prix and Reader Prize: Intruder
  • 2006 - Iue Cultural Prize
  • 2017 - Energy Forum Award Prize: Fukushima Dai-2 No Kiseki (福島第二の奇跡,Miracle of Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant)



  • 1999 Intruder (イントゥルーダー)
  • 1999 Spica (スピカ 原発占拠)
  • 2000 Dirty you (ダーティー・ユー)
  • 2000 Midnight eagle (ミッドナイトイーグル)
  • 2000 Friends: Sixteen (フレンズ シックスティーン)
  • 2000 The captive of hell (冥府の虜, Meifu No Toriko)
  • 2001 Petro bacteria can be followed (ペトロバクテリアを追え!, Petro bacteria o Oe!)
  • 2001 Truman's letter (トルーマン・レター)
  • 2001 Metropolitan Government Office blasting (都庁爆破, Tocho Bakuha)
  • 2002 The Gene of Life (命の遺伝子, Inochi No Idenshi)
  • 2002 The Wind of Afghanistan (アフガンの風, Afugan No Kaze)
  • 2003 Merutodaun [Meltdown] (メルトダウン) (Fallout, Vertical, 2013)
  • 2003 The False Finance (虚構金融, Kyoko Kin'yu)
  • 2004 M8 (M8, Emu Eito)
  • 2005 Tsunami (津波, Tsunami)
  • 2008 Firefly (ファイアー・フライ)
  • 2008 Jemini's Ark (ジェミニの方舟, Jemini No Hakobune)
  • 2009 Catch The Wind (風をつかまえて, Kaze o Tsukamaete)
  • 2009 Chase (追跡, Tsuiseki)
  • 2009 The Wild God (乱神, Ran-shin)
  • 2010 Pennies from Heaven (タナボタ, Tanabota)
  • 2010 The Pandemic (首都感染, Shuto Kansen)
  • 2011 Shinsai Kyaraban (震災キャラバン)
  • 2011 Sazankurosu no Tsubasa (サザンクロスの翼)
  • 2013 Fly Trap (フライ・トラップ)
  • 2013 Rising Road (ライジング・ロード)
  • 2014 Capital Collapse (首都崩壊, Shuto-Houkai)
  • 2015 Eruption of Mt.Fuji (富士山噴火, Fujisan-Funka)
  • 2016 Floating (浮遊, Fu-Yu)
  • 2016 Okinawa Confidential (沖縄コンフィデンシャル 交錯捜査)
  • 2017 Okinawa Confidential 2 "Blue Dragon" (沖縄コンフィデンシャル ブルードラゴン)
  • 2018 Hurricane (ハリケーン)

Manga series[edit]


  • 1982 " America No Gakko Seikatsu(アメリカの学校生活,U.S. School Life) "
  • 1984 " California No Akane-chan(カリフォルニアのあかねちゃん,My Akane of California) "
  • 2000 " Juku Wo Gakko Ni(塾を学校に,It is to a school about a private school) "(Collaboration)
  • 2001 " Kouritsu Gakko Ga Nakunaru(公立学校がなくなる,A public school dies) "(Collaboration)
  • 2005 " Kyodai Jishin No Ato Ni Osottekita Koto(巨大地震の後に襲ってきたこと,Be attacked by Huge Earthquake) "
  • 2006 " Kyodai Jishin No Hi(巨大地震の日,A day of Huge Earthquake) (Megaquake: How Japan and the World Should Respond translate by Robert D.Eldridge, Potomac Books, 2015)"
  • 2013 " Tokai Tonankai Nankai Kyodai Rendo Jisjin(東海・東南海・南海 巨大連動地震,Nankai Trough massive earthquake) "
  • 2015 " Sekai Ni Warawareru Nihon No Genpatsu Senryaku(世界に嗤われる日本の原発戦略,World laugh nuclear power strategy of Japan) "
  • 2016 " Fukushima Dai-2 No Kiseki(福島第二の奇跡,Miracle of Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant) "


  1. ^ Seitsz, Matt Zoller (23 November 2007). "Midnight Eagle - A Fallen Plane Is Loaded With Tensions". The New York Times. Retrieved 2011-04-08. Based on a novel by Tetsuo Takashima, “Midnight Eagle” addresses the strained, unequal military relationship between the United States and Japan, likened in various subplots to that of a distant, inept or otherwise inadequate parent and his dependent child.

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