Tetsurō Araki

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Tetsurō Araki
荒木 哲郎
Born (1976-11-05) November 5, 1976 (age 46)
Other namesMochizuki Saburō (望月 三郎)
Occupation(s)Animator, Director, Storyboard Artist
Years active1999–present
Known for

Tetsurō Araki (荒木 哲郎, Araki Tetsurō, born November 5, 1976) is a Japanese animator, storyboard artist, and director. He goes by the alias Mochizuki Saburō (望月 三郎) when working as an episode director and key animator. His most notable direction titles include Death Note and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan.


After graduating from Seibugakuenbunri Junior High School and Senshu University's Department of Humanities, Araki joined Madhouse as a production assistant. He debuted as an episode director in his second year with the company. His directorial debut was 2005's original video animation Otogi-Jūshi Akazukin.

His wife is Aya Hida (肥田 文, Hida Aya), who is also a staff member of the animation production company Gonzo.

Araki worked with animation director Takayuki Hirao when he was at Madhouse, and he has occasionally worked as a key animator in projects that Hirao has directed. An article featuring him and Hirao was published in the monthly anime magazine Animage.

In October 2013, he won the Best Director award at the Newtype x Machi Asobi Anime Awards 2013, and in 2014 he won the Best Director award in the Anime of the Year category at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2014. Araki, along with Death Note character designer Masaru Kitao, also appeared at Anime Expo 2007.


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