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Partial view of the Tetuán district. In the background, the Puerta de Europa [1] inclined buildings
Partial view of the Tetuán district. In the background, the Puerta de Europa [1] inclined buildings
Location of Tetuán
CountrySpain Spain
Aut. communityFlag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
MunicipalityEscudo de Madrid.svg Madrid
 • Total5.38 km2 (2.08 sq mi)
 • Density28,888/km2 (74,820/sq mi)
Madrid district number6

Tetuán is a district of Madrid, Spain. The district takes its name from Tetouan, Morocco, which was the capital of the former Spanish protectorate in northern Morocco.



The district is administratively divided into 6 wards (Barrios):


When Leopoldo O'Donnell returned with his forces to Spain after the Battle of Tétouan (1861), he camped at a spot north of Madrid while a triumphal entry into the capital was being arranged. The camp, which acquired permanent structures as well as shops over time, became the Madrid neighborhood known as "Tetuán de las Victorias" (Tetuan of the Victories). When an administrative reorganisation took place in the 60s, some of the villages close to Madrid which had been reached by Madrid's enormous growing due to francoist politics were joined to Madrid, and so Tetuán de las Victorias became a district in the bigger city of Madrid.


Some areas of Tetuán have very old houses, and therefore it is inhabited by many immigrants from South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. But also there are located in the district some of the most relevant skyscrapers of the city, such as the Picasso Tower, making it an important business area.

Tetuán is the location for the Madrid Central Mosque, the oldest and second biggest mosque in Madrid.


  1. ^ Translated as "Gate of Europe"

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