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Teuvo Pakkala (originally Teodor Oskar Frosterus, 9 April 1862 – 17 May 1925) was a Finnish author, playwright, reporter, linguist and teacher.

Pakkala is considered to be one of the realists of the 1880s and 1890s, and he is also often called a naturalist. Pakkala's works are especially noted for their portrayal of children.


Teuvo Pakkala was born in Oulu, Finland, worked also in Jyväskylä and died in Kuopio. He is buried in the Oulu Cemetery.

Filmmaking career[edit]

Late in his life, Teuvo Pakkala became interested in filmmaking. In 1921 he co-founded the original Finn Film in Oulu, Finland, with Toivo T. Kaila and G.H. Michelson.

Finn Film produced its only movie, Sotapolulla (On the Warpath), in 1921. Pakkala wrote the screenplay and directed the film.

Written works[edit]

Novels and collections of short stories[edit]

  • Oulua soutamassa (1885)
  • Vaaralla (1891)
  • Elsa (1894)
  • Lapsia (1895)
  • Pieni elämäntarina (1902)
  • Pikku ihmisiä (1913)
  • Kertomuksia (1928)
  • Väliaita ja muita kadonneita kertomuksia (1986)


  • Kauppaneuvoksen härkä (1901)
  • Meripoikia (1915)
  • Tukkijoella (1899)

Non-fiction works[edit]

  • Aapinen (1908)
  • Kirjeet 1882–1925 (1982)
  • Lapsuuteni muistoja (1885)

Translations into Finnish language[edit]

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