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Chief Rabbi

Tevele Schiff
TitleChief rabbi of Great Britain
David Tevele Schiff
Died(1791-12-17)December 17, 1791
London, England
OccupationChief Rabbi
Jewish leader
PositionChief Rabbi
SynagogueGreat Synagogue of London

Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff (Hebrew: דוד טעבלי שיף‎) (died December 17, 1791; or, in the Hebrew calendar, 26 Kislev 5551) was the chief rabbi of Great Britain and the rabbi of the Great Synagogue of London from 1765 until his death.

Rabbi Schiff was a disciple of Rabbi Joshua Falk, author of the Classic Commentary on the Talmud "Pene Yehoshua". He was a contemporary of Rabbi Yechezkel Sega"l Landau, Prague's Chief Rabbi and author of the fundamental Responsae "Noda B'Yhuda". His most famous disciple was the holy Rabbi Nosson Adler of Frankfurt-am-Main, famous for his Kabbalistic teachings.

Rabbi Schiff's resting place is at Britain's first Ashkenazic cemetery since the expulsion of Jewry in medieval times. It is situated at 27 Alderney Road, London E1 4EG, in London's East End.


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Jewish titles
Preceded by
Hart Lyon
Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom
Succeeded by
Solomon Hirschell