Teviot Creek Dam

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Teviot Creek Dam
Location 140 km South West of Mackay, Queensland
Coordinates 21°38′47″S 148°13′08″E / 21.6464°S 148.219°E / -21.6464; 148.219Coordinates: 21°38′47″S 148°13′08″E / 21.6464°S 148.219°E / -21.6464; 148.219
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Teviot Creek
Primary outflows Teviot Creek
Basin countries Australia

Teviot Creek Dam is a dam in North Queensland, Australia. It is located on Teviot Creek, a tributary of the Isaac River, upstream of the Burton Gorge Dam. Burton Coal Pty Ltd has a licence to take 1,500 ML/year from the dam. The monthly supply reliability based on a relatively short period of record is thought to be 100%. This does not account for the current critical period and the supply should not necessarily be relied on in future. Teviot Creek Dam is owned and operated by RAG Australia Coal subsidiaries.[1]

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