Tevye and His Seven Daughters

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Tevye and His Seven Daughters
Directed by Menahem Golan
Produced by Artur Brauner
Menahem Golan
Written by Sholom Aleichem
Menahem Golan
Chaim Hefner
Starring Shmuel Rodensky
Cinematography Nissim Leon
Edited by Tova Biran
Release date
  • 5 May 1968 (1968-05-05)
Running time
119 minutes
Country Israel
Language Hebrew

Tevye and His Seven Daughters (Hebrew: טוביה ושבע בנותיו‎‎, translit. Tuvia Vesheva Benotav) is a 1968 Israeli drama film directed by Menahem Golan. The film is about a poor Russian Jew named Tevye who tries to make a living. When he slowly lands money, he attempts to get his daughters married. It was listed to compete at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival,[1] but the festival was cancelled due to the events of May 1968 in France. It is based on stories by Sholom Aleichem, which are also the basis for the stage musical and 1971 film Fiddler on the Roof.



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