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Photo of O'Reilly from Roving and Fighting: Adventures Under Four Flags, published in 1918

Edward Sinnott "Tex" O'Reilly (15 August 1880 – 9 December 1946) was an American soldier of fortune who is said to have fought in ten wars under many flags. Initially serving in the U.S. Army in the Spanish–American War and Philippine–American War, as well as the Boxer Rebellion, he would claim to fight in Venezuela, Honduras and Nicaragua. He fought with Pancho Villa in Mexico and claimed to have fought in the Rif War with the Spanish Foreign Legion in North Africa, as well as serving as an international policeman in Shanghai. He became a writer, including as a reporter for the Associated Press. He wrote an autobiography, Roving and Fighting, and Lowell Thomas wrote Born to Raise Hell about him. The latter book has been reprinted and is distributed by The Long Riders' Guild Press.


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