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Texadelphia is a chain of 13 restaurants in Texas and one Oklahoma location specializing in unique cheesesteak sandwiches. Established in Austin, Texas in 1981 on The Drag, a portion of Guadalupe Street near The University of Texas, Texadelphia has locations in and around Austin, Dallas, Houston & the Rio Grande Valley, plus Oklahoma City.

Texadelphia's food is a combination of East Coast-style cheesesteak sandwiches, Tex-Mex, and vegetarian.

In 2008, Texadelphia founder Joel Stanley sold the company to a group of investors and the headquarters was moved from Austin to Dallas.[1] At that time there were 19 restaurants in the chain, including one location in San Antonio which closed in July 2012.[2] Texadelphia restaurants are independently owned franchises.

On May 10, 2013, Texadelphia closed its original Guadalupe Street location after 32 years due to high renovation costs for the building.[3] Texadelphia currently has 3 other Austin locations.


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