Texas City Prairie Preserve

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Texas City Prairie Preserve
Map showing the location of Texas City Prairie Preserve
Map showing the location of Texas City Prairie Preserve
LocationMoses Lake, Texas, United States
Nearest cityTexas City
Coordinates29°27′N 94°57′W / 29.450°N 94.950°W / 29.450; -94.950Coordinates: 29°27′N 94°57′W / 29.450°N 94.950°W / 29.450; -94.950
Governing bodyNature Conservancy

The Texas City Prairie Preserve is a 2,300-acre (9.3 km2) nature preserve located on the shores of Moses Lake and Galveston Bay in Texas City, Texas in the United States, near Houston. The preserve was created in 1995 by the Nature Conservancy thanks to a $2.2 million donation of land by ExxonMobil.[1][2] The primary goal in creating the preserve was to save the endangered Attwater's Prairie Chicken species, though the preserve protects coastal prairie and supports a wide variety of wildlife.[1]

The terrain of the preserve includes prairie and wetland habitats, enabled in large part by restoration efforts in recent decades.[1] The preserve includes 40 acres (0.16 km2) of limited public access areas including a small hiking trail. The remainder of the preserve is closed but available for tours and access at the discretion of preserve staff, including birding events[3] and volunteer events[4].

The preserve is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, a network of preserves and trails along the Texas coast featuring habitats for birds and other wildlife.


1999 the Nature Conservancy commissioned an oil and gas operator to set up a new gas well inside the preserve. The location was "the closest to where the prairie chickens normally hung out, or normally boomed."

In 2010 a paper was presented at a Society of Petroleum Engineers conference stating that the original well "died in March 2003, and was unable to flow due to excessive water production." As new well was drilled in the same area in late 2007, the new well was for oil and the original was for nature gas.

Due to a change in release strategy by the Attwater's Prairie Chicken Recovery Team, captive-bred bird releases were stopped in 2011. There are no more Attwater's Prairie Chicken on the land as of 2012.


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