Texas Instruments TMS320C6400

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Designer Texas Instruments
Bits 32-bit
Type Register-Register
Open proprietary

The TMS320C64xx is Texas Instruments fastest (currently) fixed-point DSP family. It is part of the TMS320C6x DSP family, which is in turn part of the TMS320 family.

  • It has 256-bit VLIW based on VelociTI instruction set dual bus Harvard architecture.
  • 32-bit data word length
  • Clock speed ranging from 300–1000 MHz
  • Code compatible with the older C6200 fixed-point family.
  • The C64xx CPU has two sets of functional units. Each set contains four units and a register file of 16 (C64x) or 32 (C64x+) 32-bit registers. There is a cross path between the sets of functional units.
    • M - All multiplication operations also include bit-count, rotate, Galois field multiplies, and bidirectional variable shift hardware.
    • L - Logic and arithmetic operations - 32/40-bit arithmetic and compare operations and 32-bit logical operations
    • S - Logic and arithmetic operations - 32-bit arithmetic operations, 32/40-bit shifts and 32-bit bit-field operations, 32-bit logical operations, Branches, Constant generation and Register transfers to/from control register file (.S2 only)
    • D - Data addressing units - Address calculations, loads and stores, constant generation and 32 logical operations

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Specialised version with integrated peripherals for digital media applications including:

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