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Texas Memory Systems, Inc.
Industry Solid State Storage
Digital signal processing
Founded 1978
Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States
Key people
Holly Frost, (Founder)
Products solid-state disks
Digital signal processors
Parent IBM
Website ramsan.com
Flash based rackmount SSD
Flash based PCIe SSD
DDR SDRAM based rackmount SSD

Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (TMS) was an American corporation that designed and manufacturered solid-state disks (SSDs) and digital signal processors (DSPs). TMS was founded in 1978 and that same year introduced their first solid-state drive,[1] followed by their first digital signal processor. In 2000 they introduced the RamSan line of SSDs. Based in Houston, Texas, they supply these two product categories (directly as well as OEM and reseller partners) to large enterprise and government organizations.[2][3]

TMS has been supplying SSD products to the market longer than any other company.[4]

On August 16, 2012, IBM Corporation announced a definitive agreement to acquire Texas Memory Systems, Inc. This acquisition was completed as planned on October 1, 2012.[5][6]


Some TMS SSDs were specifically designed to accelerate Oracle applications. They are all part of the RamSan product line.[7]

TMS produces the following categories of SSDs:

Most of the TMS DSP products are part of the XP product line.[8]


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