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Texas Pacifico Transportation Ltd.
Reporting markTXPF[1]
LocaleWest Texas
Dates of operation2001 (2001)present
Track gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length376 miles (605 km)[2]
HeadquartersSan Angelo, Texas[3]

Texas Pacifico Transportation Ltd. (reporting mark TXPF) is a railroad operating company in West Texas that is owned by Grupo México.[4] The company operates over the South Orient Rail Line under a lease and operating agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Pacifico Transportation, Ltd. The South Orient Rail Line runs from the Mexican border town of Presidio, Texas to San Angelo Junction.[5] It was constructed to interchange with Ferromex at Presidio but the Presidio–Ojinaga International Rail Bridge has not been operational since a fire damaged it on 29 February 2008.[6] It interchanges with Union Pacific Railroad at Alpine, Texas, and with BNSF Railway and the Fort Worth and Western Railroad at San Angelo Junction. The Texas Pacifico company began service in March 2001. The line has been rehabilitated from San Angelo Junction (near Coleman), Texas, through San Angelo and on to Alpine, Texas. Capital investment is planned for the remaining Excepted track.

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