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The Texas Society of Architects is an organization based in Austin, Texas, that represents over 7,000 architects in Texas that are members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). [1]

The mission statement of the Society, is "to be the voice for Texas architecture, supporting the creation of safe, sustainable, and beautiful environments."

Honors and awards[edit]

The AIA has long recognized individuals and organizations for their achievements in support of the architecture profession and the AIA.[2] It bestows, on its members and others, honors and awards in several categories.[3]

  • Design Awards recognizing between ten and thirty outstanding designs each year
  • Honor Awards recognizing about a dozen exceptional members each year
  • Cornerstone Awards to one outstanding individual each year
  • 25 Year Awards given each year to one notable architectural work 25–50 years in age
  • Honorary Memberships recognizing individuals for long-term association with architects and architecture in providing a better quality of life in Texas.

Some members are also recognized by AIA Fellowships for architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and to society.


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