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The Texas Softball Hall of Fame was founded in 1985 by Ralph Hall, Jr., in the Houston, Texas area in the United States. The Texas Softball Hall of Fame has produced over 869 tournaments, 729 leagues, and 1,607 events since its founding. It has also awarded over 19,300 champions, and directed more than 2,015,000 participants. They have played adult slow-pitch softball games at 30 different locations and on 70 different fields in and around the Houston area. Ralph Hall is a writer of "Ralph Said What?" and of numerous thoughts on softball and baseball. Ralph Said What? can be compared to a Yogi Berra type of humor.

Ralph said what?[edit]

Here is a small sample.

  • More teams get beat by alcohol and by themselves than by the other teams.
  • When you come to the fork in the road, be sure to clean it well before you eat with it.
  • My deliverer is coming, but He isn't carrying a pizza.
  • Do ump to others as you would have them do ump to you.
  • We work. You Play.
  • If you respect our history and care about our presence, you may wear the trophy of honor in our future.
  • The tasks ahead of us are never as great as the power within us.
  • We do not invite the great teams to humble the rest. We invite the humble to become great.
  • Hall things are possible and winning the future is one of those possibilities.
  • Never stop connecting with the One who gave you your dreams. To follow Him is more important than to follow your dreams.

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