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State Highway 35 marker

State Highway 35
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length206.5 mi[1] (332.3 km)
Major junctions
West end I-37 / US 181 near Corpus Christi
  in Houston
East end I-45 in Houston
Highway system
I-35WSH 36
Loop 5Spur 5FM 5

State Highway 35, or SH 35, is a largely north–south highway in southeastern and southern Texas between Houston, junction of I-45 on the southeast side of the city and Corpus Christi, where it terminates at I-37.

SH 35 takes a generally north–south route from Houston to Angleton, junction SH 288, and then roughly parallels the inlets of the Gulf of Mexico in a roughly northeast-southwest course through a low, flat coastal plain. To the south and west of Palacios it gives vistas of several inlets of the Gulf of Mexico, becoming one of the more scenic routes of southern Texas.

At Gregory it meets and joins U.S. Highway 181, which coincide to their mutual terminus over Nueces Bay causeway and bridge over Corpus Christi Bay, meeting I-37 and SH 286 at a freeway interchange.

Only in its southernmost part near Corpus Christi is State Highway 35 a freeway, although significant stretches of it are divided highway. It is not to be confused with Interstate 35, which it never meets. It is not the shortest or quickest route between Houston and Corpus Christi, which consists largely of US 59 and US 77.

Route description[edit]

SH 35 begins at an interchange with Interstate 37 near downtown Corpus Christi concurrent with US 181. The two highways run as a freeway near Corpus Christi Bay before crossing Nueces Bay into the town of Portland. In Portland, US 181 leaves SH 35, traveling towards Sinton. Just outside Gregory, the freeway segment of SH 35 ends. After crossing FM 136, SH 35 begins to run in an east-west direction to Aransas Pass, before turning towards the northeast. In the town of Rockport, SH 35 runs as a divided expressway before returning to its business loop. The highway passes by the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge before entering into Refugio County.

Future of SH 35[edit]

Spur 5[edit]

Texas Spur 5.svg

In Houston, SH 35 is Telephone Road and Reveille Street from its northern terminus at Interstate 45. An upgrade of the facility (in a slightly different corridor) to freeway standards is planned, tentatively named the Alvin Freeway. As of 2006, only 1.3 miles (approximately 2 km) had been built, under the sign Spur 5 (constructed between 1996–99; officially opened September 1999; designated 1998). However, the mainlanes extend less than half a mile south of Interstate 45 adjacent to the campus of the University of Houston.

Loop 5[edit]

Texas Loop 5.svg

The number was previously used for Loop 5, which was designated on September 26, 1939 from US 81 through Kyle to US 81 as a renumbering of SH 2 Loop.[2] On September 28, 1950, the section along Burleson St was cancelled and the rest along Center St became Spur 5. On October 27, 1952, Spur 5 was cancelled and transferred to FM 150 (now RM 150). On June 30, 1958, another route, also called Spur 5, was designated from FM 1406 and SH 124 to Interstate 10. On October 31, 1962, The section of the Spur 5 from FM 1406 to SH 73 became a rerouting of SH 124. On August 4, 1988, Spur 5 was cancelled and mileage was transferred to FM 1663. The current route was designated on October 29, 1998.

An overlap of Highway 35 with the Gulf Freeway was also constructed in the 1980s. This portion extends from Spur 5 to Dowling Street, a distance of about 1.6 miles (2.6 km). This section contains three elevated lanes in each direction (briefly four southbound lanes near the southern terminus). This overlap section is 22 lanes wide, including mainlanes, feeder roads, and a reversible HOV lane.[3]

Once built, the Alvin Freeway is planned to follow a corridor near Mykawa Road from the terminus to Beltway 8 before returning to its normal undivided state.

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SH 5Loop 5Spur 5


Historic SH 35

SH 35 was originally proposed on November 19, 1917 as a route from Paris to Houston.[4] On August 21, 1923, the northern half of the highway had been renumbered as SH 49, with the new northern end now going east to the Louisiana border.[5] On November 14, 1927, it extended to Alvin.[6] On April 10, 1934, it had been extended southwest along cancelled SH 58 and SH 57, ending in Gregory.[7] SH 35 Spur was designated from 35 to the Retrieve Prison Farm. This SH 35 Spur was cancelled on July 15, 1935. On February 21, 1938, a new SH 35 Spur was designated to Danbury, as SH 35 was rerouted to bypass Danbury. On September 26, 1939, the section north of Houston was removed when it was renumbered as U.S. Highway 59 and U.S. Highway 84. SH 35 Spur was renumbered as Spur 28. On October 5, 1972, SH 35 extended to Corpus Christi along US 181. On January 15, 1986, an Angleton bypass opened, with the old route becoming Loop 558. On February 25, 1987, SH 35 was rerouted back over Loop 558, and the bypass became Loop 558 instead (now FM 523). On April 27, 1995, another bypass opened, so that SH 35 no longer goes through Aransas Pass or Rockport. On March 29, 2007, an Old Ocean bypass opened, with the old route becoming Loop 419 (now Spur 419).

Historic SH 35A

SH 35A was a proposed spur route off SH 35 designated on March 18, 1918, with a route splitting off at Livingston, and travelling west to New Waverly.[8] On September 17, 1918, a branch of SH 35 was designated from Livingston via Liberty and Devers to Anahuac.[9] On January 20, 1919, the section of SH 35A south of Coldspring was cancelled, and the section north of Coldspring became the main route. The route from Livingston via Liberty and Devers to Anahuac was renamed SH 35A. On August 21, 1923, the section from Anahuac to Devers was renumbered as SH 61, and the section north of Devers was cancelled.[5] By 1928, the Livingston to Liberty section was restored as SH 132. By 1933, that became a portion of SH 146.

SH 35B was a spur of SH 35 designated on November 27, 1922 from Jefferson to the Louisiana border.[10] On August 21, 1923, this was renumbered as SH 49.

Junction list[edit]

NuecesCorpus Christi I-37 north / Spur 544 west – San AntonioI-37 exit 0 southbound; South end of US 181 overlap; continues south as Spur 544.
Belden StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Burleson Street, Causeway BoulevardNo northbound entrance
Beach AvenueNo southbound entrance
San PatricioPortlandNueces Bay
Frontage RoadSouthbound exit and entrance
FM 893 (Moore Avenue) – TaftNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
FM 2986 (Wildcat Drive)
Frontage RoadNo northbound entrance
FM 3239 (Buddy Ganem Drive) / Broadway Boulevard
Frontage RoadNorthbound exit only
Gregory US 181 north – SintonNorth end of US 181 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
FM 3284 (Gregory Street)Southbound exit and northbound entrance
SH 361 south / Spur 202 west – Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, GregoryNo northbound entrance
FM 136 – BaysideNo northbound exit; north end of freeway
FM 3512 south – Ingleside

Bus. SH 35 north – Aransas Pass
Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
Aransas Pass FM 1069 – InglesideInterchange; no northbound exit
Aransas SH 188 – SintonInterchange
Rockport FM 1069 (Market Street) – RockportInterchange
FM 2165 – RockportInterchange
FM 3036 westSouth end of FM 3036 overlap

Bus. SH 35 south / FM 3036 east – Rockport
North end of FM 3036 overlap
FM 1781 south
Lamar PR 13 east – Goose Island State Park
Refugio FM 774 – Refugio, Austwell
FM 1684 east
SH 239 south – AustwellSouth end of SH 239 overlap
Tivoli SH 239 north – GoliadNorth end of SH 239 overlap
Calhoun SH 185 south – Seadrift, Port O'ConnorSouth end of SH 185 overlap
SH 185 north – VictoriaNorth end of SH 185 overlap
FM 1679 north
FM 2235 south
FM 2541 south
FM 2433 – Victoria, Indianola
Port Lavaca US 87 – Victoria, Port Lavaca
FM 3084 west (Half League Road)
FM 1090 (Virginia Street)
SH 238 south – Port Lavaca, Seadrift
Point Comfort FM 1593 – Lolita, Matagorda Bay
FM 2143 east
Jackson SH 172 – La Ward
FM 1862 north – Blessing
FM 3280 south
Bus. SH 35 north – Palacios

Bus. SH 35 south – Palacios
FM 2853 north
FM 521 north – Simpsonville
Blessing FM 2853 south
FM 616 west – La Ward
SH 71 west – El Campo
Elmaton FM 1095 south – Simpsonville
Markham FM 1468 southSouth end of FM 1468 overlap
FM 1468 north – MarkhamNorth end of FM 1468 overlap
Colorado River TurnaroundInterchange
Bay City SH 60 – Wharton, Matagorda
FM 2668 south
FM 457 east – Cedar Lane
Van Vleck FM 2540 south
FM 1728 north – Pledger
Brazoria Loop 419 east – Old Ocean
Old Ocean FM 524 north – DancigerSouth end of FM 524 overlap
Loop 419 west – Old Ocean
FM 524 south – SweenyNorth end of FM 524 overlap
FM 1459 – Sweeny

Bus. SH 35 north – West Columbia
West Columbia SH 36 – Rosenberg, Freeport

Bus. SH 35 south (17th Street)
FM 2851 north – Varner-Hogg Plantation
Bailey's Prairie FM 521 south – BrazoriaSouth end of FM 521 overlap
FM 521 north – RosharonNorth end of FM 521 overlap
Angleton SH 288 (Nolan Ryan Expressway) – Houston, Freeport
Loop 274 (Hancock Street)

Bus. SH 288 – Houston, Lake Jackson
FM 523 (Highway 35 Bypass) – Freeport
Spur 28 south – Danbury
FM 2917 south
Alvin FM 2403 south

Bus. SH 35 north – Alvin
FM 1462 west
SH 6 – Sugar Land, GalvestonInterchange
FM 517 (Dickinson Road) – League City
FM 528 (Friendswood Road) – Friendswood, Webster

Bus. SH 35 south – Alvin
FM 2351 north – Friendswood
Pearland FM 518 – Friendswood
HarrisHouston Beltway 8 (Frontage Road) / Sam Houston Tollway
I-610 (South Loop Freeway) to I-45 south (Gulf Freeway) – GalvestonI-610 exit 32B; interchange; northbound entrance from IH 45 closed until April 2018
I-45 north (Gulf Freeway) – Downtown HoustonI-45 exit 40 southbound; interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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