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State Highway 46 marker

State Highway 46
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length 71.811 mi[1] (115.569 km)
Existed 1919 – present
Major junctions
West end SH 16 near Pipe Creek

I-10 / US 87 in Boerne
US 281 in Bulverde

I-35 in New Braunfels
East end SH 123 in Seguin
Highway system
SH 45 SH 47

State Highway 46, or SH 46, is a 71.4-mile (114.9 km) state highway in the U.S. state of Texas that runs from State Highway 16 east of Bandera to the intersection of SH 123 and SH 123 Business just south of Seguin.


Old Texas 46.svg

SH 46 was originally designated on October 20, 1919 as a route from New Braunfels north to Johnson City.[2] By 1926, the route had been shortened, with the section north of Spring Branch transferred to SH 108. This alignment of SH 46 only consisted of the portion from U.S. Highway 281 (US 281) to US 81 in New Braunfels.[1] US 81 no longer exists today in favor of Interstate 35 (I-35) and is known as a business loop of I-35.[3][4] On July 16, 1928, it extended to Seguin.[5] On July 15, 1935, the section from New Braunfels to Seguin was cancelled.[6] On October 26, 1967, the highway was relocated in New Braunfels to the east along the alignment of Loop 337 (Loop 337), but still had an eastern terminus at US 81.[1] The original alignment in New Braunfels was redesignated as Loop 453, but to be signed as a business route of SH 46.[7] In 1991, the designation of this segment was officially changed to Business 46.[8] On February 26, 1968, it was extended to the south from US 81 to I-35.[9] On September 28, 1988, the highway was extended at both ends, extending the eastern end south along Farm to Market Road 25 from I-35 and FM 78 and then along part of Spur 351 from FM 78 to I-10 in Seguin.[1] The western terminus was extended to the west along Ranch to Market Road 475 from US 281 to SH 16.[1] A portion of this route had been FM 1719 which had been combined with RM 475 in 1951.[10] On May 14, 1990, the highway was extended to its current alignment when it was extended south from I-10 to SH 123 along the remainder of Spur 351.[1]

Texas Spur 351.svg

Spur 351 was designated on June 30, 1961 from FM 25 and FM 78 to US 90A. On August 4, 1970, Spur 351 extended south to SH 123. On September 28, 1988, the section of Spur 351 from FM 78 to I-10 was transferred to SH 46. On May 14, 1990, Spur 351 was cancelled and mileage was transferred to SH 46.

Route description[edit]

Texas State Highway 46 west of its intersection with Loop 337

SH 46 begins at its western terminus at SH 16, east of Bandera in Bandera County.[1] The highway heads to the northeast, crossing over into Kendall County on its way to Boerne where it intersects with I-10 and US 87. SH 46 carries the street name of Bandera Road from I-10 until US 87. At US 87, there is a short break in the highway with SH 46 continuing again further north with the name River Road. SH 46 leaves the city limits of Boerne to the east and follows an east-northeast routing through rural Kendall County. An intersection with FM 3351 occurs just prior to heading into Comal County. Continuing to the east, SH 46 passes FM 2696 before coming into the city of Bulverde. In Bulverde, SH 46 intersects with US 281 at a diamond interchange, which provides access to San Antonio to the south. The highway continues to the east-southeast, passing several farm-to-market roads with FM 3159 and RM 2722 providing access to Canyon Lake. As it enters New Braunfels, Texas, it intersects and becomes concurrent with Loop 337, providing the northern and eastern arcs of the loop around New Braunfels.[1] In New Braunfels, the highway passes over the Guadalupe River and intersects I-35. Continuing to the south-southeast, it heads towards Seguin as it passes into Guadalupe County and roughly parallels the Guadalupe River to the east. In Seguin, SH 46 passes I-10 and US 90 before ending at SH 123 just south of Seguin.[1][11]

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi[12] km Destinations Notes
Bandera Pipe Creek 0.0 0.0 SH 16 – Bandera, San Antonio Western terminus of SH 46
Kendall Boerne 11.0 17.7 I-10 / US 87 – Comfort, San Antonio I-10 exit 540.
11.65 18.75
Bus. US 87 south (Main Street)
West end of US 87 Bus. overlap
12.3 19.8
Bus. US 87 north (Main Street)
East end of US 87 Bus. overlap
Bergheim 22.5 36.2 FM 3351 (Curry Creek Road)
Comal Anhalt 29.9 48.1 PR 31 (Spring Branch Road) – Guadalupe River State Park
Bulverde 32.75 52.71 US 281 – Johnson City, San Antonio
37.15 59.79 FM 3159 (Smithson Valley Road)
Canyon Lake 38.5 62.0 FM 311 West end of FM 311 overlap
41.1 66.1 FM 3009
New Braunfels 47.5 76.4 RM 2722 Interchange
49.5 79.7 FM 1863 Southern terminus of FM 311; east end of FM 311 overlap
50.9 81.9
Loop 337 south / Bus. SH 46 (Walnut Avenue) – New Braunfels
West end of Loop 337 overlap
53.6 86.3 Rock Street – Gruene Interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
53.67 86.37 Gruene Road – Gruene Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
56.0 90.1 BL I-35 (Elliot Knox Boulevard)
56.25 90.53 I-35 – Austin, San Antonio I-35 exit 189; east end of Loop 337 overlap.
56.45 90.85 FM 1101 (Freiheit Road)
Guadalupe 59.0 95.0 FM 758 – New Braunfels Regional Airport
Seguin 66.2 106.5 FM 78 – Kirby Interchange
66.5 107.0 I-10 – Houston, San Antonio I-10 exit 607.
67.15 108.07 US 90 (Kingsbury Street) – Kingsbury, San Antonio
67.55 108.71
Alt. US 90 (Court Street) – Gonzales
69.9 112.5 FM 725 (Liesner Road) – McQueeney
70.5 113.5 FM 467
71.75 115.47
Bus. SH 123 – San Marcos
71.8 115.6 SH 123 (Stockdale Highway) – Stockdale Eastern terminus of SH 46
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


New Braunfels business route[edit]

State Highway 46 Business-C
Location New Braunfels
Length 3.376 mi[14] (5.433 km)
Existed June 21, 1990[14]–present

Business State Highway 46-C (Bus SH. 46-C) is a business route of SH 46 located in New Braunfels. The highway was designated on June 21, 1990, with the mileage being transferred from Loop 453.[15]

The highway begins at an interchange with SH 46/Loop 337 and runs in a southward direction along Walnut Avenue. Bus. SH 46-C turns towards the east after turning left onto Landa Street. Just outside of downtown, the highway merges onto Seguin Avenue and runs through the central business district of New Braunfels. Near the Comal County Courthouse, Bus. SH 46-C runs along a traffic circle, known locally as Main Plaza, where the highway intersects San Antonio Street. Bus. SH 46-C continues to run southeast along Seguin Street before ending at an intersection with BL I-35/FM 725.

Junction list

The entire route is in New Braunfels, Comal County.

mi[16] km Destinations Notes
0.0 0.0 SH 46 / Loop 337 to I-35 – Boerne Interchange
2.2 3.5 San Antonio Street Traffic circle
3.3 5.3 BL I-35 (Elliot Knox Boulevard) / FM 725 south (Seguin Street) – San Marcos, San Antonio
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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