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The 2006 Texas General Election was held on Tuesday, 7 November 2006, in the U.S. state of Texas. Voters statewide elected the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Commissioner of Agriculture, and one Railroad Commissioner. Statewide judicial offices up for election were the chief justice and four justices of the Texas Supreme Court, and the presiding judge and two judges of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The Texas United States Senate election, 2006 and the Texas United States House elections, 2006 were conducted as part of the Texas General Election.

Democratic and Republican candidates were selected in party primaries held 7 March 2006. In races without a majority, the runoff elections were held on 11 April 2006.

Libertarian candidates were selected at the Texas Libertarian Convention 10 June 2006 in Houston (the Libertarian Party does not use a primary system to select candidates).

Independent candidates had 60 days after the primaries are over (from 8 March, one day after the primary election, to 11 May 2006) to collect the necessary signatures to secure a place on the ballot. For statewide elections, state law proscribes the collection of one percent of voters casting ballots in the prior gubernatorial election (for 2006, this equates to 45,540 signatures) from registered voters that did not vote in either primary or any runoffs. If there was a primary runoff for the office an independent candidate is seeking, the petition process shrank to only 30 days, from 12 April (one day after the runoff elections) to 11 May 2006.[1]

United States Senator[edit]

2006 United States Senate election, Texas
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison (inc.) 2,661,789 61.7 -3.3
Democratic Barbara Ann Radnofsky 1,555,202 36.0 +3.6
Libertarian Scott Jameson 97,672 2.3 +1.1
Majority 1,106,587 25.7
Turnout 4,314,663
Republican hold Swing


Texas general election, 2006: Governor[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Rick Perry (incumbent) 1,716,803 39.03 -18.78
Democratic Chris Bell 1,310,353 29.79 -10.17
Independent Carole Keeton Strayhorn 797,577 18.13
Independent Richard "Kinky" Friedman 546,869 12.43
Libertarian James Werner 26,748 0.61 -0.86
Write-in James "Patriot" Dillon 718 0.02
Majority 406,450 9.24
Turnout 4,399,068 -3.40
Republican hold

Lieutenant governor[edit]

2006 election for Lieutenant Governor
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican David Dewhurst (inc.) 2,513,530 58.19
Democratic Maria Luisa Alvarado 1,617,490 37.44
Libertarian Judy Baker 188,206 4.35
Majority 896,040 20.75
Turnout 4,319,226
Republican hold Swing

Attorney general[edit]

2006 election for Attorney General
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Greg Abbott (inc.) 2,556,063 59.51
Democratic David Van Os 1,599,069 37.23
Libertarian Jon Roland 139,668 3.25
Majority 956,994 22.28
Turnout 4,294,800
Republican hold Swing

Comptroller of Public Accounts[edit]

2006 election for Comptroller of Public Accounts
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Susan Combs 2,547,323 59.47
Democratic Fred Head 1,585,362 37.01
Libertarian Mike Burris 150,565 3.51
Majority 961,961 22.46
Turnout 4,283,250
Republican hold Swing

Commissioner of the General Land Office[edit]

2006 election for Commissioner of the General Land Office
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Jerry E. Patterson (inc.) 2,317,554 55.13
Democratic VaLinda Hathcox 1,721,964 40.96
Libertarian Michael A. French 164,098 3.90
Majority 595,590 14.17
Turnout 4,203,616
Republican hold Swing

Commissioner of Agriculture[edit]

Texas general election, 2006: Texas Commissioner of Agriculture[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Todd Staples 2,307,406 54.77 -4.77
Democratic Hank Gilbert 1,760,402 41.79 +3.97
Libertarian Clay Woolam 144,989 3.44 +2.26
Majority 547,004 12.98 -8.74
Turnout 4,212,797 -4.85
Republican hold

Railroad Commissioner[edit]

2006 election for Railroad Commissioner
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Elizabeth Ames Jones (inc.) 2,269,743 54.03
Democratic Dale Henry 1,752,947 41.73
Libertarian Tabitha Serrano 177,648 4.22
Majority 516,796 12.3
Turnout 4,200,338
Republican hold Swing

Texas Supreme Court[edit]

Chief Justice, Unexpired term[edit]

Wallace Jefferson, Incumbent
Tom Oxford
Green (Write-in)
Charles E. Waterbury

Justice, Place 2[edit]

Don Willett, Incumbent
William E. Moody
Wade Wilson

Justice, Place 4[edit]

David M. Medina, Incumbent
Jerry Adkins

Justice, Place 6[edit]

Nathan Hecht, Incumbent
Todd Phillipp
Independent (declared)
Petition deadline has passed for ballot access, but may run as write-in candidate
William W. McNeal

Justice, Place 8, Unexpired term[edit]

Phil Johnson, Incumbent
Jay H. Cookingham

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals[edit]

Presiding Judge[edit]

Sharon Keller, Incumbent
J.R. Molina

Judge, Place 7[edit]

Barbara Parker Hervey, Incumbent
Quanah Parker

Judge, Place 8[edit]

Charles Holcomb, Incumbent
Dave Howard

Legislative elections[edit]

Sixteen Texas Senate seats and all 150 Texas House of Representatives seats are up for election in 2006. The senators and representatives elected in 2006 will serve in the Eightieth Texas Legislature, while the senators will also serve in the Eighty-first Texas Legislature.

Texas Senate[edit]

Fifteen of the sixteen elections for the Texas Senate are contested to some extent. In the District 3 race, Robert Nichols won his Republican primary and will be unopposed in the fall election.

There will be at least five new members of the Senate. These current senators will not return:

District Outgoing Senator Party Reason
3 Todd Staples Republican Elected Texas Commissioner of Agriculture
7 Jon Lindsay Republican Did not run
14 Gonzalo Barrientos Democrat Did not run
18 Kenneth L. Armbrister Democrat Did not run
19 Frank L. Madla Democrat Defeated in primary

Texas House of Representatives[edit]

In the Texas House of Representatives, 118 of the 150 seats will be contested in the November 2006 election. Thirty races will be uncontested after the primary elections on 7 March 2006; the remaining two will be determined in the primary runoffs on 11 April 2006.

There will be at least 20 new members of the House of Representatives. Two Democratic and five Republican incumbents were defeated in the primaries. These current representatives will not return:

District Representative Party Reason
9 Roy Blake, Jr. Republican Lost in primary
16 Ruben Hope, Jr. Republican Did not run
28 Glenn Hegar Republican Running for Texas Senate, District 18
33 Vilma Luna Democrat Withdrew from race after nomination
38 Jim Solis Democrat Did not run
47 Terry Keel Republican Unsuccessful bid for Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8
54 Suzanna Gratia Hupp Republican Did not run
63 Mary Denny Republican Did not run
71 Bob Hunter Republican Did not run
72 Scott Campbell Republican Lost in primary
73 Carter Casteel Republican Lost in primary
85 Pete Laney Democrat Did not run
91 Bob E. Griggs Republican Did not run
94 Kent Grusendorf Republican Lost in primary
101 Elvira Reyna Republican Lost in primary
110 Jesse W. Jones Democrat Lost in primary
118 Charlie Uresti Democrat Running for Texas Senate, District 19
126 Peggy Hamric Republican Unsuccessful bid for Texas Senate, District 7
133 Joe Nixon Republican Unsuccessful bid for Texas Senate, District 7
146 Al Edwards Democrat Lost in primary

State Board of Education[edit]

Only contested elections are listed.

Member, State Board of Education, District 3[edit]

Tony Cunningham
Rick Agosto

Member, State Board of Education, District 5[edit]

Ken Mercer
Bill Oliver

Member, State Board of Education, District 9[edit]

Don McLeroy, Incumbent
Maggie Charleton

Member, State Board of Education, District 10[edit]

Cynthia Dunbar
Martin Thomen

Member, State Board of Education, District 12[edit]

Geraldine "Tincy" Miller, Incumbent
Matthew Havener

Member, State Board of Education, District 15[edit]

Bob Craig, Incumbent
Brandon Stacker

Courts of Appeal District elections[edit]

Only contested elections are listed.

1st Court of Appeals District[edit]

Place 9[edit]

Elsa Alcala, Incumbent
Jim Sharp

3rd Court of Appeals District[edit]

Place 2[edit]

Alan Waldrop, Incumbent
Jim Sybert Coronado

Place 5[edit]

David Puryear, Incumbent
Mina A. Brees

Place 6[edit]

Bob Pemberton, Incumbent
Bree Buchanan

4th Court of Appeals District[edit]

Place 3[edit]

Rebecca Simmons, Incumbent
Richard Garcia, Jr.

Place 4[edit]

Steve Hilbig
Dan Pozza

Place 5[edit]

Karen Angelini, Incumbent
Lauro A. Bustamante

Place 7[edit]

Phylis Speedlin, Incumbent
Eddie DeLaGarza

6th Court of Appeals District[edit]

Place 2[edit]

Bailey C. Moseley
Ben Franks
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Bailey C. Moseley 92,334 58.18
Democrat Ben Franks 66,351 41.81

13th Court of Appeals District[edit]

Place 2[edit]

Federico "Fred" Hinojosa, Incumbent
Rose Vela

14th Court of Appeals District[edit]

Place 6[edit]

Richard Edelman, Incumbent
Leora T. Kahn


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