Texas gubernatorial election, 1994

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Texas gubernatorial election, 1994
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November 8, 1994 → 1998

  GeorgeWBush.jpg Ann Richards.jpg
Candidate George W. Bush Ann Richards
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 2,350,994 2,016,928
Percentage 53.5% 45.9%


County Results

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Governor before election

Ann Richards

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George W. Bush

The 1994 Texas gubernatorial election was held on November 8, 1994 to select the governor of the state of Texas. The election was won by George W. Bush, candidate of the Republican Party. He defeated incumbent Governor Ann Richards of the Democratic Party and Libertarian Keary Ehlers, and took office as the state's 46th chief executive on January 17, 1995.

In the 1994 gubernatorial election, Bush carried 188 out of 254 counties, while Richards carried 66 counties. Exit polling showed Bush won overwhelmingly with Anglo voters (69% to 31%) while Richards performed well with African American voters (83% to 15%) and Latinos (75% to 25%)

Among those who were elected on down-ballot offices, incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was easily re-elected to a full six-year term; while on the Democratic side, incumbents Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock, Attorney General Dan Morales, Land Commissioner Garry Mauro, Comptroller John Sharp, State Treasurer Martha Whitehead were re-elected to their respective posts (the Texas State Treasurer's office was later abolished in 1996). On the Judicial statewide offices, other Democratic incumbents re-elected included Texas Supreme Court Justice Raul A. Gonzalez and Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Mike McCormick[disambiguation needed]. 1994 also marked the last time Texas Democrats won statewide offices, as four years later, they would be swept out in a massive Republican surge due to the coattails of Governor Bush's landslide re-election.


The Republican and Democratic Party primaries were held on March 8, 1994 with the winner of each requiring a majority vote.

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Democratic Party Republican Party
Candidates Votes % Candidates Votes %
Ann Richards 806,607 77.79 George W. Bush 520,130 93.32
Gary Espinosa 230,337 22.21 Ray Hollis 37,210 6.68
Total 1,036,944 100.00 Total 557,340 100.00
Source: Texas Almanac


Source Date Bush (R) Richards (D)
KPRC-TV Nov. 4, 1994 48% 44%
Houston Post/KHOU-TV Nov. 2, 1994 44% 47%
KPRC-TV Oct. 23, 1994 47% 44%
Houston Post/KHOU-TV Oct. 7, 1994 43% 41%


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Candidates - Nominating parties Votes %
George W. Bush - Republican 2,350,994 53.48
Ann Richards - Democratic 2,016,928 45.88
Keary Ehlers - Libertarian 28,320 0.64
Total 4,396,242 100.00
Source: Texas Almanac