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Screenshot from "cacaplas", a small text mode demo using the ASCII-Art library libcaca.

Text Mode Demo Contest (TMDC) is a semi-annual text mode demo competition founded by tAAt ry in 1996. [1] As of 2013, it is currently organized by Northern Dragons and held over the internet. The inherent limitations of text mode graphics create unique challenges for demosceners. To help promote the event, a text mode invitation demo is released ahead of the competition. The competition is held between the 11.11 and the 12.12 every year. [2] One aspect of the Text Mode Demo Competition is the technical limitation of the Text Mode.

In 2005, Peter Hajba ("Skaven" of Future Crew) composed the soundtrack for the TMDC invitation demo.[3]

In early 2008, after TMDC 10, Jari Komppa officially announced he would no longer organize TMDC.[4] Shortly after, some members of the Northern Dragons - themselves long-time participants in the compo - decided, with the agreement of tAAt, to revive the competition.

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