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Text Records is a British independent record label founded by Kieran Hebden in 2001.[1] Hebden has released much of his own music through the label: several albums and singles as Four Tet (including collaborations with Burial and Thom Yorke) and two albums with the band Fridge. Other artists to have released recordings on the label include Daphni, Koushik and One Little Plane.


Source [2]

Catalogue identifier Artist Name Year released
TEXT001 Koushik Battle Times EP 2001
TEXT002CD Fridge Happiness 2001
TEXT002 LP Fridge Happiness 2001
TEXT003 Fridge The Sun 2007
TEXT004 One Little Plane Sunshine Kid 2008
TEXT005 One Little Plane Until 2008
None One Little Plane Sunshine Kid (single) 2008
TEXT006 Burial + Four Tet Moth/Wolf Cub 2009
TEXT007 One Little Plane Lotus Flower 2009
TEXT008 Rocketnumbernine Matthew and Toby 2010
TEXT009 Four Tet / Daphni Pinnacles / Ye Ye 2011
TEXT010 Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke Ego / Mirror 2011
TEXT011 Four Tet Locked / Pyramid 2011
TEXT012 Juk Juk Winter Turns Spring / Frozen 2011
TEXT013 Burial + Four Tet Nova 2012
TEXT014 One Little Plane Into The Trees 2012
Text014 One Little Plane Into The Trees (CD) 2012
TEXT015 Four Tet Jupiters / Ocoras 2012
TEXT016 Four Tet 128 Harps 2012
TEXT017 Percussions Bird Songs / Rabbit Songs 2012
TEXT018 Four Tet Pink 2012
TEXT019 Four Tet Lion / Peace For Earth 2012
TEXT020 Four Tet Jupiters / Lion (Remixes) 2012
TEXT021 Four Tet 0181 2013
TEXT023 Four Tet & Rocketnumbernine Roseland / Metropolis 2013
TEXT024 Four Tet Kool FM 2013
TEXT025 Four Tet Beautiful Rewind 2013
TEXT026 Four Tet Kool FM (Champion & Container Remixes) 2013
TEXT027 Crazy Bald Heads First Born 2014
TEXT028 Four Tet & Terror Danjah Killer / Nasty 2014
TEXT029 Percussions KHLHI / Sext 2014
TEXT030 Percussions Ascii Bot / Blatant Water Cannon 2014
TEXT031 Taraval Streetways EP 2014
TEXT032 Four Tet Beautiful Rewind (Remixes) 2014
TEXT033 John Beltran Faux 2014
TEXT034 Anthony Naples Body Pill 2015
TEXT035 Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid Strings Of Life / Tongues 2015
TEXT036 Four Tet Morning / Evening 2015
TEXT037 Joe Thinkin About 2015
TEXTDDD01 Percussions Digital Arpeggios (Single) 2015
TEXT038 Four Tet & Designer Mothers / Dark 2016
TEXT039 Four Tet & Champion Flip Side / Disparate 2016
TEXTDDD02 Four Tet Pink Remixes 2016
TEXTDDD03 Four Tet Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit) 2016
TEXT040 Taraval II (EP) 2016
none Four Tet Randoms 2016
TEXTDDD04 Four Tet Beautiful Rewind Remixes 2016
TEXT041 Four Tet Ringer 2017
TEXT042 Four Tet There Is Love In You 2017
TEXT042X Four Tet There Is Love In You Expanded Edition 2017
TEXT043 Four Tet There Is Love In You (Remixes) 2017
TEXT044 KH Question 2017
TEXT045 Four Tet SW9 9SL / Planet 2017
TEXT046 Four Tet New Energy 2017
TEXTDDD05 Four Tet Two Thousand And Seventeen (Single) 2017
TEXTDDD06 Four Tet Planet 2017
TEXTDDD07 Four Tet SW9 9SL 2017
TEXTDDD08 Four Tet Scientists 2017
TEXTLR001 4TLR Live at Funkhaus Berlin 10th May 2018 2018
TEXTLR002 4TLR Live in Tokyo 1st December 2013 2018
TEXTLR003 4TLR Live at Hultsfred Festival, 18th June 2004 2018
TEXT047 Taraval Aardvark 2018
TEXT047 KH Only Human 2019
TEXT047 Four Tet Anna Painting 2019
TEXT047 Four Tet Teenage Birdsong 2019
TEXT051 Four Tet Sixteen Oceans 2020


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