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Texterity, Inc., is a privately held American-based full-service provider of digital and mobile publishing solutions, currently converting, maintaining, and tracking more than 1,000 digital editions for consumer, trade, association, and niche publishers. Texterity's universal mobile editions can be viewed on any modern web-enabled device, such as Android-based devices, BlackBerry devices, or the Palm Pre. Texterity also creates magazine-branded mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad, with support planned for emerging app platforms.

Texterity provides services that convert print publications into digital formats accessible for web, syndication, and mobile use. The company primarily provides services for magazines including unaudited magazines, BPA Worldwide audited titles, and Audit Bureau of Circulations audited titles. Other converted content includes catalogs, guides, brochures, corporate documents and textbooks.

Texterity's technologies utilize International standard-based technologies to enable readers to access digital magazine editions through major web browsers without requiring the use of Flash (Adobe Flash) or other plug-ins. This approach allows publishers to integrate magazine content with web-based social media networks and multimedia applications. The Texterity platform integrates protected (subscription) digital magazine content with search engines.

In August 2007, Texterity was awarded U.S. Patent 7,257,771 for a “system and method for converting a page description file to a composite representation thereof for fast Web viewing.”

In December 2007, Texterity was awarded U.S Patent 7,313,754 for a "method and expert system for deducing document structure in document conversion."

In July 2007, Texterity launched a beta version of the first digital magazine interface and portal specifically designed for the Apple iPhone. This was updated in November 2008 to support the Apple iPod touch.

In May 2008, Texterity released the Lead Management System (LMS) designed to acquire, track, and evaluate leads using existing whitepapers and corporate documents.

In July 2010, Texterity launched their first iPad app for Entrepreneur Magazine. Texterity continues to create magazine-branded mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and emerging platforms.

In December 2010, Texterity announced a partnership with The Wonderfactory to help magazine publishers deliver content across all tablet and smartphone operating systems as well as the Web. The Texterity/Wonderfactory solution spans digital editions and magazine-branded mobile apps, via a newly designed interface and interactive modules in HTML5.

Texterity is headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts.

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