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The Textile Institute is an international trade organisation in textiles, clothing, and footwear whose headquarters are in Manchester, England. It was founded in 1910 and incorporated in England by a Royal Charter granted in 1925 and is a registered charity. The institute has individual and corporate members in over 80 countries covering all sectors and all disciplines in textiles, clothing and footwear.

Its primary academic journal is the Journal of the Textile Institute, which was established in 1910. In 1921, it was divided into two separate journals: Journal of the Textile Institute Proceedings (ISSN 1944-7019), which ran from 1923 to 1964/1965,[1] and Journal of the Textile Institute Transactions (ISSN 1944-7027), which ran from 1923 to 1966.[1] In 1967 the two were re-amalgamated and published once again as Journal of the Textile Institute (print:ISSN 0040-5000, online: ISSN 1754-2340).[1] The number of issues published each year has varied from two to twelve. It is published by Taylor & Francis, and the present editors-in-chief are David R Buchanan and William Oxenham.[2]


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