Textile Museum of Borås

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Coordinates: 57°42′56″N 12°56′19″E / 57.71556°N 12.93861°E / 57.71556; 12.93861

The Textile Museum of Borås in a former textile factory building by the English architect P. Sidney Stott 1898. A roof tower was taken away when adding a floor in 1916.

The Textile Museum of Borås (Swedish: Textilmuseet i Borås) is a museum of textile history in the city of Borås, Sweden.

In a broad sense this museum stands for and is a part of Borås' history. Borås once was the textile capital of Sweden and this museum is now located in a former textile factory building from 1898, Åkerlund's Cotton Spinning Ltd., that has been turned into a museum. Around the year of 1900 the textile industry of Borås began to flourish, making the city grow.

The Textile Museum of Borås is a municipality-owned museum with mainly two missions. Partly it is an industrial museum showing the growth of the Swedish textile industry with spinning and yarn production, the weaving of fabrics and knitting of tricot. The focus here is on the mechanic history and the history of the workers. The other mission of the museum is to be a museum of design, showing and collecting Swedish textile design from the 20th century onward.