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America's Next Top Model (cycle 12)
cycle 12 cast
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network The CW
Original release March 4 (2009-03-04) – May 13, 2009 (2009-05-13)
Additional information
No. of contestants 13
Winner Teyona Anderson
All-stars Allison Harvard
Cycle chronology
← Previous
Cycle 11
Next →
Cycle 13
Season summary

The twelfth cycle of America's Next Top Model premiered on March 4, 2009 and was the sixth season to air on The CW network. The cycle's catch phrase is "Get In The Fold." The cycle's promotional song is Lady Gaga's "The Fame".

The prizes for this cycle were:

The first half of the cycle took place in New York City, moving the show back from Los Angeles last season. The international destination for this cycle is São Paulo, Brazil, the series first visit to South America.

The number of girls was reduced to 13, the first time since cycle 9, after being maintained at 14 in the last two cycles. This was the last time Paulina Porizkova participated as judge.

The winner was 20-year-old Teyona Anderson from Woodstown, New Jersey. This season averaged 4.35 million viewers per episode.[1]


(ages stated are at start of contest)[2]

Contestant Age Hometown Finish Place
Isabella Falk 19 Barboursville, Virginia Episode 2 13
Jessica Santiago 18 Caguas, Puerto Rico Episode 3 12
Nijah Harris 18 Rancho Cucamonga, California Episode 4 11
Kortnie Coles 24 Houston, Texas Episode 5 10
Sandra Nyanchoka 19 Rockville, Maryland Episode 6 9
Tahlia Brookins 18 Phoenix, Arizona Episode 7 8
London Levi 18 Arlington, Texas Episode 9 7
Natalie Pack 19 Palos Verdes, California Episode 10 6
Fo Porter 19 Albuquerque, New Mexico Episode 11 5
Celia Ammerman 25 Cynthiana, Kentucky Episode 12 4
Aminat Ayinde 21 Union, New Jersey Episode 13 3
Allison Harvard 20 New Orleans, Louisiana 2
Teyona Anderson 20 Woodstown, New Jersey 1


What Happens in Vegas[edit]

First aired March 4, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Jessica Brooks

Fun and Games[edit]

First aired March 4, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Fadil Berisha
  • Special guest: Laura Poretzky

Do You Light The Way I Look?[edit]

First aired March 11, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Nolé Marin, John Barrett, Elyssa Starkman

New York's Finest[edit]

First aired March 18, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Jill Stuart, Ann Shoket, Bianca Golden, Chantal Jones
  • Top Model in Action: Bianca Golden (cycle 9)

Put Your Best Face Forward[edit]

First aired March 25, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Brian Edwards
  • Special guests: Benny Ninja, David Blond, Phillipe Blond, Sky Nellor, Toccara Jones
  • Top Model in Action: April Wilkner (cycle 2)

Here's Your Test[edit]

First aired April 1, 2009

Acting Like A Model[edit]

First aired April 8, 2009

  • Featured commercial director: Peter Chelkowski
  • Special guests: Clay Aiken, McKey Sullivan, Elyssa Starkman
  • Top Model in Action: Heather Kuzmich (cycle 9)

Cycle 12 Rewind[edit]

First aired April 10, 2009

  • Top Model in Action: Claire Unabia (cycle 10)

Take Me To The Photo Shoot[edit]

First aired April 15, 2009

The Amazing Model Race[edit]

First aired April 22, 2009

  • Featured photographers: Paschoal Rodriguez, Daniel Klajmic
  • Special guests: Fernanda Motta, Helô Pinheiro
  • Top Model in Action: Eva Pigford (cycle 3)

Let's Go See The City[edit]

First aired April 29, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Paulo Borges, Fabienne Muzy, Adriana Degreas, Caio Campos, Clo Orozco, Cris Barros, Oskar Metsavaht, Adriana Bozon, Vanessa Da Silveira, Adrianne Curry
  • Top Model in Action: Samantha Potter (cycle 11)

Take Me To The Jungle[edit]

First Aired: May 6, 2009

  • Featured photographer: Tyra Banks
  • Special guests: Juliana Leite, Eduardo Ramos, Ara Vartanian, Ann Shoket
  • Top Model in Action: Yaya DaCosta (cycle 3)

America's Next Top Model Is...[edit]

First aired May 13, 2009

  • Featured photographers: Jim De Yonker, Nigel Barker
  • Featured commercial director: Jay Manuel
  • Special guests: Amir Slama, McKey Sullivan, Maíra Vieira, Fernanda Motta, Ann Shoket
  • Top Model in Action: Fatima Siad (cycle 10)

Cycle 12 Finale Party (Reunion)[edit]

The reunion aired May 13, 2009 on The Tyra Banks Show and was the third one after cycles 5 and 10. It was graduation themed and all the girls (except for Sandra, who didn't attend) wore bikinis. The girls were voted yearbook-style as follows:

Model Yearbook Title
Allison Most likely to star in a Twilight movie
Aminat Most "banging" body
Celia "Fiercest" personal style
Fo Most likely to be on a "Guess my race" show
London Most likely to bring a bible on a date
Natalie Most likely to be mistaken for a Gossip Girl

Various girls were interviewed after their vote was revealed. Fo revealed she had met her father, whom she didn't know was black until she was six and coined the phrase "blaxican" at 12. Celia got her one featurette about her personal style and London went on to preach on the streets of New York City. Tyra also discussed Allison's nosebleeding picture of her and Tyra made a montage of her and Robert Pattinson. Natalie revealed she suffered from panic attacks and hypochondria.

Tyra brought a general from the US Army to discuss her positive impact on burnt soldiers and Tahlia did a shoot with a burnt soldier and another burn survivor where they displayed their scars. It was also revealed that Tahlia had become pregnant since the taping of the show. Then elderly people reenacted memorable scenes introduced by Bianca Golden from cycle 9. Those included Fo's haircut, Celia's rebellion against Tyra and Natalie's and Aminat's face off. Celia said that all things were settled between her and Tahlia and when Tyra said "Don't mess with a girl's money", Celia joked back that Tahlia was messing with hers.

The show ended with Tyra revealing that two contestants had been offered a contract with Nous Model Management by Kenya Knight which were revealed on her show's website as being Allison and Fo.


Call-out order[edit]

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13
1 Aminat Allison Teyona Sandra Tahlia Fo Celia Teyona Allison Teyona Allison Allison Teyona
2 Natalie Fo Celia Aminat Teyona Teyona Natalie Fo Teyona Allison Teyona Teyona Allison
3 Fo Teyona Allison Tahlia Allison Tahlia Teyona Natalie Fo Aminat Aminat Aminat
4 Allison London Natalie Fo Natalie Aminat Fo Celia Celia Celia Celia
5 Tahlia Celia London Celia London Allison London Allison Aminat Fo
6 Celia Nijah Nijah Kortnie Aminat Natalie Aminat Aminat Natalie
7 Nijah Kortnie Tahlia London Celia London Allison London
8 London Natalie Sandra Teyona Fo Celia Tahlia
9 Teyona Aminat Kortnie Natalie Sandra Sandra
10 Kortnie Tahlia Aminat Allison Kortnie
11 Isabella Jessica Fo Nijah
12 Jessica Sandra Jessica
13 Sandra Isabella
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the group of 21 girls was reduced to 13 that would move on to the main competition. This first call-out does not reflect their performance that first week.
  • Episode 8 was the recap episode

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot (casting): Goddess profile/type of goddess
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Childhood games
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Lighting oneself in a warehouse
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Couture New York City sight-seeing
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Ellis Island immigrants
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Beauty shots evoking different colors
  • Episode 7 Commercial: CoverGirl Micro Mineral foundation
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Crazed Ciara fans tangled in wires
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Embodying Carmen Miranda on a Favella
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Swimsuits on a tourist beach
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Exotic birds
  • Episode 13 photo shoot & Commercial: CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain print ad and commercial & Seventeen Magazine covers


  • Allison – Wavy blonde extensions
  • AminatNaomi Campbell inspired wavy extensions
  • Celia – Cut short and dyed platinum blonde
  • Fo – Pixie cut
  • Jessica – Cut to shoulder length, Reddish highlights and volumized
  • Kortnie – Dyed mahogany red
  • LondonAgyness Deyn inspired cropped hair and dyed platinum blonde
  • Natalie – No makeover
  • Nijah – Wavy black weave
  • Sandra – Bleached blonde and cut shorter
  • Tahlia – Golden blonde wavy weave like a lion mane
  • TeyonaJheri curl weave; later, big curly weave

Post-Top Model careers[edit]


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