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Festival of the Virgin of Carmen in the Zocalo, 21 July 2009.
Festival of the Virgin of Carmen in the Zocalo, 21 July 2009.
Coat of arms of Teziutlán
Coat of arms
Motto: La Perla de la Sierra
English: The Pearl of the Mountain Range
Teziutlán is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 19°49′04″N 97°22′00″W / 19.81778°N 97.36667°W / 19.81778; -97.36667Coordinates: 19°49′04″N 97°22′00″W / 19.81778°N 97.36667°W / 19.81778; -97.36667
Country  Mexico
State Puebla
Founded 1552
Municipal Status 1825
 • Municipal President Lic. Carlos Enrique Peredo Grau
 • Municipality 85.48 km2 (33.00 sq mi)
Elevation 1,990 m (6,530 ft)
Population (2005)Municipality
 • Municipality 92,170
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Demonym: Teziuteca/o
Website (Spanish) Official site

Teziutlán is a small city in the northeast of the Mexican state of Puebla. Its 2005 census population was 60,597. It also serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding Teziutlán Municipality. The municipality has an area of 84.2 km² (32.51 sq mi) and a population of 88,970.

Teziutlán is located at 19°49′N 97°22′W / 19.817°N 97.367°W / 19.817; -97.367, close to the border with Veracruz, in the Sierra Madre Oriental. The area is drained by the Río El Calvario, Río Xóloatl and Río Xoloco rivers.

Teziutlán is described in some guidebooks as a "picturesque colonial town". It was founded on 15 March 1552 at a location known to the locals as "Teziuhyotepetzintlan". The name Teziutlán is Nahuatl, and means "place near the hailstones".

During the presidency of Porfirio Díaz, the town gained prosperity, and it is described as "a commercial town of importance, very often visited by traveling salesmen from businesses in this country and abroad... It depends on a group of businesses that handle significant capital and sell on a large scale in the principal markets of Europe and the United States."[1] Teziutlán was linked to the expanding railway network during the Porfiriato presidency, which aided its prosperity.

Famous residents[edit]

The city is noteworthy as the birthplace of two prominent twentieth-century politicians:

The city has also been the birthplace of other prominent figures:



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