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Th or TH may refer to:


  • Tom Hanks (born 1956) an American actor, producer, writer, and director
  • Tony Hawk (born in 1968), an American skateboarder
  • Tommy Hilfiger (born 1951), an American fashion design
  • Terry Hoage (born 1962), a former American football defensive back
  • Triple H (born 1969), a professional wrestler

In entertainment[edit]

In language[edit]

In science, technology and medicine[edit]

Units of measurement[edit]

  • Thomson (unit), a unit for measuring a mass-to-charge ratio used in mass spectrometry
  • Thou (length), a unit of length also known as mil
  • Therm, a measurement of heat energy
  • Terahash, a measure of hash functions per unit of time

Other uses[edit]