Théâtre Hébertot

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Théâtre Hébertot
Théâtre des Batignolles (1838-1907)
Théâtre des Arts (1907-1940)
The theater Hebertot in July 2006
Address 78 boulevard des Batignolles
Capacity 630 (main theatre)
110 (small theatre)
Opened 1838

Théâtre Hébertot [te.ɑtʁ e.bɛʁ.to] is a theatre at 78, boulevard des Batignolles, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, France. The theatre, completed in 1838 and opening as the Théâtre des Batignolles, was later renamed Théâtre des Arts in 1907. It acquired its present name in 1940 after playwright and journalist Jacques Hébertot.

Théâtre Hébertot has a seating capacity of 630 for the main stage, and completed construction on a smaller stage, l'Petit Hébertot, in 2001. The Hebertot is one of the few Paris theaters that has shows in English as well as French.

Danièle and Pierre Franck are its current directors.


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