Théâtre de la Huchette

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Théâtre de la Huchette
Theatre Huchette.jpg
Facade of the theatre
Address 23 rue de la Huchette
Capacity 85
Production The Lesson and The Bald Soprano
Opened 1948

The Théâtre de la Huchette is a theatre in Paris.

This small theatre in Paris' Left Bank, located at 23 rue de la Huchette in the 5th arrondissement, is known for playing Eugène Ionesco's absurdist double-bill of The Lesson and The Bald Soprano in permanent repertory since 1957, as "Spectacle Ionesco." Today, a third play is presented and this changes from time to time. Despite the theatre's tiny size of only 85 seats,[1] a total of over one and a half million spectators have attended the show.[2]

The theatre's first ever production, by Georges Vitaly, was Albertina by Valentino Bompiani. The date was 26 April 1948. In 1951 he premièred Georges Schehadés first play Monsieur Bobl'le.

In 1952 Marcel Pinard took over as owner, and brought to the theatre the works of Jean Genet, Federico García Lorca, Ivan Turgenev, Eugène Ionesco and Jean Tardieu. Pinard died in 1975, and the theatre was threatened with closure. The actors who had played the Ionesco double bill since 1957 formed a limited company in order to continue production.

The closest métro and RER stations are: Saint-Michel and Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame.


Coordinates: 48°51′11″N 2°20′43″E / 48.8530°N 2.3453°E / 48.8530; 2.3453